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Basic Unit of Development in Scrum

What is Basic Unit of Development in Scrum practice? How to implement basic unit of development and measure it in your scrum product development process?


What is Buy-a-feature team activity? How to run buy-a-feature meeting? A detailed guide.

Creative Briefs

What are Creative Briefs in product management? How to write creative briefs? Everything you need to know.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

How to use Critical Path Method? Guide to using CPM for product managers. Everything you need to know.

CRM for Product Management

What is a CRM for Product Management? How does CRM for Product Management work? Why CRM for Product Management has a big impact on your business?

Customer Feedback Loop

How to close Customer Feedback Loop? What is Customer Feedback Loop in Product Management? Everything you need to know.

DEEP Backlog method in Product Management

What is DEEP Backlog prioritization method? How to use DEEP Backlog? Everything you need to know.

Feature Request Management

What is feature request management? How to use tools like Hellonext for feature request management?

Idea Management

What is Idea Management? How does Idea Management work? How does Product Idea Management impact your business?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? How to create a MVP? How to measure the impact of MVP?

Product Backlog: Definition, benefits, and implementation

What is Product Backlog? How does Product Backlog work? How does Product Backlog impact your business?

Feedback Loop for a Product

What is a Product Feedback Loop? How to build a product feedback loop with customer feedback? How to run Product Feedback Loop activities?

Product Led Growth

What is Product Led Growth? How does PLG work? How does Product-led Growth impact your business?

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

What is Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)? How to calculate ARR? How to measure ARR impact on your business?

Backlog Grooming

What is Backlog Grooming? How does Backlog Grooming work? How does Product Backlog Grooming impact your business?

Voice of Customer (VOC)

What is Voice of Customer (VOC) program? How to run a voice of customer activity and build a product roadmap around it?

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