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Backlog Grooming

What is Product Backlog Grooming?

In simple terms, product backlog grooming is a recurring meeting that the product owner sets up to help the team understand the current state of the product backlog and to prioritze backlog items.

What is the agenda for Backlog Grooming Meeting?

Typically, the agenda for the Backlog Grooming Meeting is to:

  • Identify the current state of the product backlog
  • Prioritize the backlog items
  • Remove items from the backlog that are no longer needed
  • Re-prioritize the backlog items
  • Identify the next steps to take

Who is responsible for Product Backlog?

The Product Owner is the person who is responsible for the Product Backlog Grooming Meetings.

How often does the Product Backlog Grooming Meeting take place?

In most organizations, the Product Backlog Grooming Meeting takes place once a month. This gives teams two sprints to work on before re-prioritizing the backlog items.

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