Get to know Hellonext

What is Hellonext?

Hellonext is a feature voting and customer feedback management tool for product owners and SaaS companies. With Hellonext, you can have your product’s own feedback portal where users can share their feedback or suggestion about your product or service. You also get to keep those users updated with information about how you are addressing their feedback.

What is feature voting tool?

Listening to your customers is the #1 activity any successful company does. Feature voting tool like Hellonext takes it one step forward, by setting up your own platform to have your users vote on features that they need to use your product better. For example, your customers can give you feedback on what feature you need to build next or improve for them. Now when multiple users feel the same way, they just support that feature request in just one upvote on Hellonext.

How much does Hellonext cost?

You can start using Hellonext for a $25 fee per month. If you are a startup, you can opt in for a $10/month plan and if you are an open source product or a NGO, Hellonext’s billing is on us, and is completely free.

What are boards on Hellonext?

Boards are a collection of feedback submissions that your users submit. Boards are also a perfect way to provide context to the submissions by your users. For example, your users report new feature requests in the “Feature Requests” bucket and report bugs to “Bugs and improvements” bucket. It is as simple as that. Easy, understandable and simple to use. This is where others users vote on features or submissions made by other users.

How to migrate posts from or other platforms?

Migrating from or other platforms is easy. You can use either their export feature to export as CSV, or you can use the API to export as JSON. Once done, you can easily import them into Hellonext's boards. On the other hand, you can reach out to our support to help you with this migration from to Hellonext.

How many boards can I have?

As you want We have seen many people have over 10 boards to manage their products' feature voting.

Can I embed these boards on to my website?

Absolutely yes. You can. When you create a board, you will find an option to generate an embed code for that board, which you can use to embed in your website. All you have to do is to copy that embed code from Hellonext, paste it in an appropriate place on your website.

Can I manage feedback on the go?

Yes. You can downlod the Hellonext feature voting tool’s iOS, Android and Google Chrome app to manage feedback on the go. Also, Hellonext integrates with a ton of online platforms to make things easy for you. Check them out in the features page.

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