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We build software to help people build software. Over the next few years, we will be the single source of truth for all-things-product.

Building great software product is an art. The art of deeply thinking about users, the technology stack, and more. We want to make that process easier with authentic user-shared data.

At Hellonext, we have an obsessive passion towards building great software. We believe that our work would inspire people, and push the human race forward with technology.

Today, we are starting our with user feedback management. In the next few years, our goal is to be a compound startup where a product teams can manage everything to ship a great product under, all in one software — Hellonext.

What we care about

Reward effort over outcomes

We embrace the effort and intention over outcomes. An environment that embraces new ideas, and encourages people to work on those ideas, becomes the cradle of innovation.

At Hellonext, when you pitch an idea, people expand those ideas encouraging you to iterate on it, rather than question the validity of that idea or its outcome.

Privacy is fundamental

You have the right to own your data. When we design a new feature, privacy is one of the factors we consider while deciding how a feature would work for a user.

While we can come up with a hundred ways to define privacy, here's the legend himself explaining privacy in plain English.

Small powerful teams

We believe in small teams of passionate people working towards a great idea can change the world. Small teams cut down unwanted processes, circle of communication is near zero, and helps build ideas into reality faster.

Bootstrapping for the long-run

Hellonext is a bootstrapped company with a multi-decade product roadmap. There is no exit strategy here. We use the revenue from our subscriptions to build new features, and to build an excellent customer delight team.

Join us

Hellonext has a virtual office in Delaware, with a physical office in the warm & cozy city of Chennai. We are tight-knit group of people driven by passion, appreciation for great design, and a keep eye for great quality code. We believe programming and designing are current generation art forms.

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