Build better relationships with your customers.

All-in-one platform to collect, manage and respond to feature requests and feedback from your customers.

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Precisely what you need. It simply just works.

Keep things neat & Organized

Organize all your feedback in one place. Prioritize your roadmap. Respond to the feedback.

Invest in right features at the right time

Build a data-backed product roadmap that helps you grow. Invest in features that matter.

Include your customers

Keep your features informed at all times. Tell them what's coming and what you shipped.

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Powerful, easy-to-use dashboard.

Tools you need to organize feedback. Now you can manage all of the feedback in one powerful dashboard. Right from updating the status to preventing your competitors from looking at your roadmap, everything is just a click away.

A smarter way to organize. Create new Buckets to organize your feedback submissions. Create Private buckets to give exclusive access to your customers about what you're building. Or, create an Idea Bucket for your team.

Manage your entire team. Bring in your entire team to collaborate on the submissions from your customers. Assign submissions that are relevant to your people. Let your users directly update submissions that they care about.

Know everyone who's involved. Get to know all the customers who submitted, upvoted or commented on submissions for your products or services. Export them to Mailchimp to send them focused emails that would matter to them.

Privacy first management portal. Never worry about your competitors getting to know what's on your roadmap. With just a click of a button, everything changed. Never let search engines know or allow guests to visit your domain.

Lots more for you to be at peace. There's lots more to the platform that meets the eye. Custom domains, iframe embeds, guest upvotes, moderation policy and so much more. All in one single management portal.

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