Feedback & feature request management tool for everyone.

All-in-one platform to collect, manage and respond to feature requests and feedback from your customers.

Precisely what you need

hellonext is a no-fluff tool. Precisely everything you need to manage your product feedback and feature requests. One platform. One powerful tool.

Less friction, more feedback

You need a platform that is beautiful enough to let your users give you feedback comfortably. we spent hundreds of hours designing the platform to do just that.

Automagically update users

Keep your customers updated about the new stuff you built, with little to no effort at all.

Private Buckets

You don't want your competitors to know what you are building. We get it. Allow your customers to provide feedback with Private Buckets. It is your little secret between you and your customers.

New in hellonext 2.5

TLDR: What's new is everything.

We are committed to building a product that stands the sands of time. Every single day, we push small incremental updates to the product to make your experience better. We've been working on hellonext 2.5 for a while now, and here are some of the new features we released this month.

Assign to member

Assign submissions to the right person in your team.

3x faster

Faster load time means more feedback from your users.

Private domains

Go completely under the radar and keep your domain private.

Custom domainsβ

Map your own domain to hellonext. Customize as you like.

hellonext 2.5 is the biggest release we've ever done. There is so much more than what you see.

New release every week. Bug fixes everyday. Improvements every few hours.

Let us help you with frictionless customer feedback

We created hellonext to make customer feedback frictionless. Hundreds of hours of work has gone in thinking about how the process can be simplified so you can adopt the platform easily. We cannot wait to see you grow with us.

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