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Organize feedback, suggestions & more in one single place

hellonext is a new curated way to manage all your customer feedback and keep them updated, automagically.

Easily allow your customers to submit feedback or feature requests or bugs (privately) or anything that you think you need to keep improving your product.

Integrate with as many platforms as you want

Integrate hellonext with the platforms your teams are already using with just a click of a button. hellonext is API-driven. This means, you can even integrate hellonext with your mobile app in no time.

Need something customized? Don't bother much. Talk to our engineering team, and we will get it done for you.

Intercom Integration with hellonext
Github Integration with hellonext
Slack Integration with hellonext
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Flip a switch & it turns dark

Dark mode brings a whole new look to hellonext. Our designers thoughtfully designed every single element to be easy on your eyes and to give you a rich experience for both you and your customers.

Move between mobile, web or any other platform, and hellonext remembers your display preference.

hellonext comes with dark mode

As local as it can get

Use hellonext in your very own language. This allows your users to view, submit and process information in their native language rather than to use a translator.

Thanks to hundreds of customers of ours who helped us with this translation. We need to reflect on them for their help.

Built by the finest engineers

Built by the people at Skcript, hellonext is built to perfection. Right from the server to the UI to the backend code, everything has been written to be easier for you to use.

Our support teams are engineers rather than support staff. So no more redirects saying "I will have my engineering team look into it". It is now "I am on this issue right now. Expect a resolution in 10".

Powerful, easy-to-use dashboard.

Tools you need to organize feedback. Now you can manage all of the feedback in one powerful dashboard. Right from updating the status to preventing your competitors from looking at your roadmap, everything is just a click away.

A smarter way to organize. Create new Buckets to organize your feedback submissions. Create Private buckets to give exclusive access to your customers about what you're building. Or, create an Idea Bucket for your team.

Manage your entire team. Bring in your entire team to collaborate on the submissions from your customers. Assign submissions that are relevant to your people. Let your users directly update submissions that they care about.

Know everyone who's involved. Get to know all the customers who submitted, upvoted or commented on submissions for your products or services. Export them to Mailchimp to send them focused emails that would matter to them.

Privacy first management portal. Never worry about your competitors getting to know what's on your roadmap. With just a click of a button, everything changed. Never let search engines know or allow guests to visit your domain.

Lots more for you to be at peace. There's lots more to the platform that meets the eye. Custom domains, iframe embeds, guest upvotes, moderation policy and so much more. All in one single management portal.

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