All your user feedbackin one simple place

You need a single place to collect, prioritize, and respond to feature requests? Then, Hellonext is the right tool for you. You get feedback boards, roadmap, and changelog in one tool.

Give Hellonext a try for 2 weeks. You'll like it. If you don't like it, hey it's free.

Hellonext feature voting software

Hellonext is proud to help more than 2,980 businesses manage feedback

How uses Hellonext to manage feedback.
How Philips uses Hellonext to manage feedback.
How Uber uses Hellonext to manage feedback.
How Sono Motors uses Hellonext to manage feedback.
How Wayfair uses Hellonext to manage feedback.
How uses Hellonext to manage feedback.

Simple. Elegant. Fast.

Feedback management, upgraded.

You can get started superfast, and everything works right out of the box. No learning curve, no complex workflows. It's just simple and fast.


Get started in minutes

Create an account in minutes and start collecting feedback with feedback boards. Everything works blazing fast and you get things done in seconds.

Customize as you like

Upload your logos, change brand color, add some emojis to make Hellonext your own that first your brand. Everything is crafted with you in the center.

Share with customers

This is the most exciting part. The part where you share your new feedback board with your customers to start gathering feedback.

Unify your workflow

Explore our integrations directory for prebuilt integrations to popular platforms, plugins, and API.

What you get

Your feedback management toolkit

Hellonext lets you manage all your customer feedback in one single place and so much more.

Product feature voting tool

Feedback Boards. Feedback boards allow you to collect feedback from your users. So simple to understand.

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Product roadmap creation tool

Product Roadmap. Turn feedback requests into visual roadmap to let your users know what's coming.

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Product changelog or release notes tool

Changelog. Publish changelog to new updates in your product with changelog widgets.

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Ankith Harathi Founder of

Powering product teams

We've been using Hellonext for a while now and have been really impressed with the product and team. It just works.

Ankith Harathi— CEO at

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Product Leaders use Hellonext to manage customer feedback lifecycle process.

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Delight at its finest

Simple, powerful, and thoughtful features

We care deeply about the features & workflows to make it simple and powerful for you to use, so you don't have to.

Feedback Boards

Setup your own feedback boards and use it as your product's suggestion box, bug reporting tool, and so much more. Simple enough to use, powerful enough to manage.

Best feature voting tool to use.

Private and Public feedback boards

Custom submission templates

Zero authentication integration

Powerful admin controls & integrations

Learn more about Hellonext Boards

Product Roadmap

Show your customers what you are working on visually. Help your business leads understand why they should go with you. And customize Roadmap to be your sales driving tool.

Best product roadmap tool to use.

Build Automated & Custom Roadmaps

Make rich cards using Roadmap editor

Embed Hellonext Roadmap into your website

Visually show-off all the hard work you are doing

Learn more about Hellonext Roadmap

Product Changelog

Build and publish posts to keep your customers and leads in the loop with the new updates you are shipping. Use the blazing fast Changelog widget to show updates directly to your users.

Best product changelog or release notes tool to use.

Create and publish Changelog with powerful editor

Boost customer engagement with delightful notifications

Categories your Changelog with lables

Integrate with Single sign-on

Learn more about Hellonext Changelog

Integrations Marketplace

With a very powerful API behind the hood, the possibilities of integrating Hellonext with your existing workflow is endless and smooth. Generate Key, Integrate, and Go-live.

Best feature voting tool for Jira, Slack, Github, Zendesk to use.

Pre-build deep two-way JIRA integration

Create posts from within Slack

Powerful API and documentation

Marketplace is growing every week

Learn more about Integrations

You get even more

New features every 14-days

You get new feature updates every 14-days & feature improvements every day.

Product feature voting tool integrations

Integrations. Connect Hellonext with the apps you already use to make your workflow seamless.

Product feature voting tool integrations

Light & dark mode. Choose the theme that works best for your eyes. Enjoy managing your customer feedback.

Product feature moderation tool

Moderate submissions. Keep those spammers at bay. Moderate both comments & posts before it shows up for other customers.

Product feature voting tool integrations

Customize everything. Customize the module names, statuses, and so much more in a very simple interface.

Get started with Hellonext

Unlimited members & boards

Powerful integrations

Custom feedback templates

Product feature voting tool integrations