One tool to manage customer feedback

Hellonext is a delightful feature request tool where you can allow your users to vote on features, publish roadmap, and complete your customer feedback loop.

Feature voting tool user interface for inspiration

The Feedback Management Platform

5,185+ organizations trust Hellonext to drive customer feedback initiatives

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How it works

One tool to complete your customer feedback loop

  • Feedback Boards

    Capture & Organize Feedback

    Gather feedback using Feedback Boards on Hellonext, either publicly or privately from your customers. As your customers vote on feedback, the most wanted ones, come up top.

    • Change moderation policy to approve the feedback before it is shown to other customers.
    • Embed individual boards to your product website or mobile apps to capture feedback from within your product.
    • Use your existing authentication using Hellonext's Single Sign-on ↗
    • Automatically update people to close the feedback loop.
    • View all features →

    Screenshot of a feature voting tool
  • Roadmaps

    Create & Publish Product Roadmap

    Show your customers what you are working on by listening to their feedback. Publish updates by changing the status of the feedback.

    • Change the status of the updates to let your customers know what you're working on.
    • Get your team involved by assigning feedback to them.
    • Sync feedback between platforms with powerful integrations.
    • Create a visual representation of the roadmap for your team's purpose or to showcase to your customers.
    Screenshot of Visual Product Roadmap for SaaS tools
  • Changelog

    Announce product updates

    Show your customers that you are improving your product regularly. Don't let some features go under the radar with Hellonext's Changelog portal.

    • Close the feedback loop by publishing Changelog.
    • Customize the Changelog to look like your brand with widgets and more.
    • Integrate Changelog within your product to let your customers know what's new with your product.
    Screenshot of Product Changelog feature update tool for SaaS products.
  • Analytics

    Make informed decisions

    Know what to work on next and make important product decisions based on data points. Hellonext's powerful dashboard provides you a single view for all you need to know.

    • Segregate and group customers based on tags.
    • Use the powerful search to quickly find the feedback provided by your customers.
    • Take advantage of the powerful features of Hellonext's Dashboard to know what you should work on next.
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    Screenshot of Hellonext Dashboard which manages customer feedback.
Hellonext feature request tool integrations

Seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow

Integrates deeply with 1000+ tools that you are already using. Send data in or data out from Hellonext.

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