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Feedback Board

User feedback tool for today's managers.

Hellonext's integrated suite of tools give you the power & flexibility to build products your users need - works for startups to enterprises.

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Feedback Portal

No more “where do we
collect product feedback?”

Hellonext lets you centralize, organize, and respond to customer feedback in one place. Your users can also upvote on existing feedback from other users, helping you know which feedback should be your priority.

  • Collect product feedback with private or public boards

  • Prioritize feedback to build your product roadmap

  • Bring feature requests from multiple sources

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“The Hellonext dashboard is clean, intuitive and easy to use, and they are truly committed to making it better every week. We're extremely grateful for their stellar support.”

Tandem.net review on Hellonext
Valentin, Product at Tandem.net

Product Roadmap Tool

Build your product roadmap
from user inputs

Convert long links into simple bookmarks for the whole team to access. Jump in to GitHub repos, open up project documentation and revisit the latest prototypes, effortlessly. Even set up your new members with everything they need, much faster.

  • Board based roadmap for easier visualization

  • Multiple automatically generated roadmaps

  • Embed your product roadmap anywhere you wish

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“It has been a gamechanger for Contractor Foreman and we are glad to work with Hellonext as we both work to provide a tool that meets the needs of most companies at a price that all can afford.”

Contractor Foreman review on Hellonext
Steven, Founder of Contractor Foreman

Changelog Tool

Tell users what's new
with product changelog

Share new product updates in-app with rich visuals, notifications, and popup widgets. Increase feature awareness, and customer engagement with changelog.

  • Notify users about new product updates

  • Get instant feedback on new updates with reactions

  • Customize and embed changelog widget

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“Hellonext is an integral asset to not only our workflow, but ultimately strengthening the relationship with our user-base, and consequently our business as whole.”

TradingLite review on Hellonext
Team TradingLite
Feedback Board

Powerful Integrations

Powerful integrations
to enhance existing workflow

Hellonext integrates with product development tools that you already use. With just a few clicks, you can integrate Hellonext seamlessly into your existing product development workflow.

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Contractor Foreman Logo

“I strongly encourage you to start a trial of Hellonext. It has been a gamechanger for Contractor Foreman and we are glad to work with Hellonext as we both work to provide a tool that meets the needs of most companies at a price that all can afford.”

Steven Gabbard
Founder, Contractor Foreman

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Team inbox • Post templates • Webhooks • Saved notifications inbox • Fast post creation • Keyboard shortcuts • Command palette • Responsive design • Native integrations • Custom rules • Workflows • Super fast search • Powerful editor • Popup widgets • Dedicated SSO page • Custom branding • Whitelabled emails • Letterbox • Downvote option • Limit number of votes • Priority ratings • Recommended posts • Custom board slugs • Custom OpenGraph image • Drag-drop Kanban Roadmap • Multiple sign-in options • @ mention anywhere • Schedule changelog • Customizable notifications • Saved inbox • Notification archives • 100+ features.

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