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Organized feedbacks

Skip the long hours reading mails from your users. Now, hellonext gathers and organizes your feedback in one platform.

Continue the conversation

Is the feature request a result of a deeper product pain? Continue the conversation and engage with your users directly through hellonext.

Simplify feedback

How many feedback mails and tweets ask for the same feature? hellonext makes feedback analysis simple by upvoting!

Keep it in sync

Keep your users in the loop about the latest updates and status with hellonext updates.

Smart dashboard

hellonext dashboard organises your data for you and your team on the go.

Admin access

Teams can get hands-on with hellonext admin access and interact with your users directly.

Private boards

Now teams can get into a conversation about the product with peers without any hassles.

Roadmap Coming Soon

Managing & visualizing feature requests just got easier with hellonext roadmaps.

Integrations Coming Soon

hellonext plans to have multiple third party integrations to create a hassle-free and smart feature request management!

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