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Voice of Customer (VOC)

Voice of Customer (VOC) is an activity in which you let your customers share their feedback, discuss new feature requests, and more. Many product companies use Voice of Customer activity as a way to gauge how their product is doing from the customers' point of view.

The information that you get from a voice of customer activity is incredibly valuable when compared to any other method, since you are directly in touch with your customers and hearing feedback from them directly. Running a voice of customer activity is way better than running a passive email survey to know about your product from your customers' point of view.

When is Voice of Customer (VOC) activity done?

Voice of Customer activities are done during the initial stages of a product or feature development. The data points from the voice of customer activity helps build a product customers' want and need.

What to do with the data from Voice of Customer activity?

The data that you get from the voice of customer activity can be used to build a product roadmap, design document, or even a product requirements document (PRD). These documents and data points helps internal teams understand the pain points of the customers and build a product that addresses the needs of the customers. Eventually, adding a lot more value to the customer than any of your competitors.

What tools to use for Voice of Customer (VOC) activity?

Hundreds of teams use Hellonext to run their Voice of Customer (VOC) activity. Hellonext gives you a dedicated feedback portal for your product so that you customers can drop-in anytime to submit feedback or upvote on an existing feature request.

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