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Looking for the best user feedback tool for your product? Meet Hellonext. User feedback is important for every product, no matter the size of the company. You need a space for your users to give you feedback and unify the customer feedback lifecycle. This is where Hellonext comes into picture.

Easily collect and manage feedback

Your home for user feedback

Recording user feedback on a spreadsheet is a tedious task. What makes it even more complex is when you have to spend time consolidating user feedback from different sources. Hellonext is here to help you unify that. It’s a tool that helps you collect, organize, and analyze user feedback in one place, saving you time and money every day.

With Hellonext, your users can easily submit feedback, and you can easily prioritize feedback quickly.

feedback boards with voting options
user feature voting tool

Upvote, Prioritize, and Manage Feedback

Product Feedback Feature Voting

With Hellonext, you can have your users submite feature requests, feature voting, comment on them to help you prioritize them, and manage them. You get to know which features are most important to your users and which ones are not so that you can prioritize them better.

Feature voting is a great way to help you prioritize features and improve your customer engagement.

Showcase Public Roadmap

Share your product roadmap

Now that you know what features to work on since feature voting did its jobs, it’s time to showcase your product roadmap to your customers. This gives your users a clear picture of what you’re working on and what you’re planning on doing.

Hellonext's Public Roadmap helps you increase customer engagement and loyalty since you are transparent about what you are working on.

user feature voting tool
user feature voting tool

Integrate with 100+ tools

Integrate with your existing workflow

Hellonext is designed to work on top of a number of tools that you already have. You can integrate Hellonext with your existing workflow and get the best out of your feedback collection and feedback feature voting.

This is perfect since you can have a seamless experience collecting and managing user feedback.

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