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Upvote downvote features that your customers want. Give them a portal that makes it super easy to manage, respond and keep your customers in-the-loop while building the features they voted on.

Know what features matters the most

Providing your customers with a upvote downvote feature voting tool, helps you know what features to build next and what features your customers care about. Instead of making decisions about the next set of features based on data rather than just guesswork.

Prioritize feature roadmap based on customer upvotes and downvotes

With a upvote downvote tool like Hellonext, the certainty of building a product feature that people would use becomes high. Making is super predictable and based by data that is coming in from actual customers who are using your product.

Once you know what features your customers upvoted or downvoted for the most, it is easy for you to estimate the weight of the development based on other data points as well.

Keep your customers informed about product updates

Once you are done building a feature, Hellonext helps you automatically update the customers who supported that feature either by voting on it, or by subscribing to it. It just makes things super easy and very automagical.


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