Enable sales team to prioritize high-impact features

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Provide a easy way for your sales to record feature requests, know what features are going live when and so much more with Hellonext. Allow your sales representatives to pass on new feature requests to your team.

Keep track of your sales team requests

Let your sales team pass on the customer feature requests easily with Hellonext. Make sure none of the feature requests are missed out, because every single customer matters.

Using powerful integrations, quickly pass on feature requests to your development team effortlessly. Even better, when your sales team is talking to your customer, they can see everything that customer has requested, making them the most well-informed sales people on the planet.

There is so much more:

  • Provide momentary data for your sales team with the feature requests asked by your customers.
  • Help development team prioritize feature requests based on the data sales team's inputs.
  • Allow your sales team to know everything a customer has upvoted or downvoted. Making them as informed as they can get.
  • Keep your sales informed about updates

Let your sales team know all the updates that has been happening with your products. With Hellonext, your sales team know exactly what they need to talk to with new customers & so much more.

  • Use Hellonext's roadmap feature to always stay updated.
  • Check the roadmap on Hellonext for your product to see which features are coming up that the customer is asking for. And above all, when the feature is coming alive.
  • Make your company super asynchronous and aggregate all the essential product information in one single place, Hellonext.
  • Help your sales team always updated

Your sales team can vote or subscribe a user to a particular feedback which ultimately reduces the effort required by the sales person to keep the customers updated. We have seen many companies reduce their follow-up times and reduce churn rates of customers, since the customers are always informed. In REAL-TIME. How awesome is that?

Honestly, with just $25/month, the value you get is only on the upside. Try now before its too late for your company.


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