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Announce new product updates, bug fixes or improvements to your users with release notes tool.

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Product Release Notes Software

Feature Request Tracking Software
for SaaS products and internal teams

Sharing the progress of your product development with your customers has a massive positive impact on your brand and product. Release notes help you build trust, loyalty, and feature awarenessamong your users.

Hellonext's release notes tool helps you publish changelog, and update your users with ease, saving you hours of time every week.

Capture feedback from customers & teammates

Send Product Updates to Customers

Help your customers take notice of your product changes via product release notes.

Keep your customers engaged, and informed about all the new changes you are making to your product.

  • Improve customer loyalty and engagement via release notes.
  • Nudge customers when you publish a new update.
  • Instantly get reactions from customers for the new changes.
Feature voting boards
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Instant reactions for changelog

Get instant customer reactions for release notes

You can now get instant reactions for your product release notes with contextual emojis.

Emojis help you get a sense of what works, and what doesn't.

  • Get realtime updates for new release notes posts.
  • Let your customers express what they feel with emojis.
Release notes reactions via emoji from customers
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Hellonext's well thought-out and powerful features help you get your product feedback management in order. No code. No learning curve. Pure work ✨.

Powerful text composer

Write what you wish to with a powerful customized text editor.

Instant reactions

Get instant feedback on your changelog with instant reactions from users.

In-app popup widget

Integrate in-app popup widget to nudge users about new changes.

Organize with labels

Organize changelog posts with labels to give more context.

Webhooks support

Send data when a changelog is published with webhooks.

Tag completed posts

Give more context by tagging completed posts from feedback boards.

In case you missed anything.

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