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Feature Request Forum Tool

Feature request forum software
for SaaS products and internal teams

Hellonext is the easiest way to create a feature request portal for your product for free. With feature request portal, you can communicate with your customers, keep them updated about product updates, and share product roadmap.

When you update a feature request from a user, they automatically get notified about the updates, saving you hours worth of time everyday.

You get to centralize all your product feature requests in one forum. Decide what to build next with the data presented to you beautifully on Hellonext. Increase user engagement, user loyalty and feature awareness with Hellonext. One place for all your new feature requests.

Feature requests forum

Know what feature to build next

Based on the votes, comments, and other data from the Hellonext feature request forum, you can make data informed decision about what feature to build next. No more guess work.

Remove the guesswork out of your decisions with a feature request forum. Increase the probability of a feature's success.

  • Let users vote on features or submit new features on product feedback forum.
  • Know what's more important for your customers with priority ratings.
  • Prioritize product roadmap with data from product feedback forum.
Feature voting boards
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Hellonext's well thought-out and powerful features help you get your product feature request management in order.
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Vote on behalf

Vote on behalf of a user for an existing feedback post.

Internal comments

Collaborate contextually with your team via internal comments.

Pinned posts

Pin important posts to your board that users can quickly interact with.

Realtime comments

Collaborate with your customers in real-time with real-time comments.

Post on behalf

Create new posts on behalf of users on feedback boards.

Mask user details

Mask users' names to protect information from being shared.

Merge duplicate posts

Merge similar posts to maintain uniformity.

Set boards privacy

Set boards to be private to collect feedback from select users.

Embed anywhere

Embed the feedback widget anywhere in your product to gather feedback.

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