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Employee Suggestions Tool

Know where your employees need your attention on by simply letting them submit & vote on feedback internally (fully private) with SSO support.

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Give your employees a place within your company to submit feedback or office requests portal. Allow them to vote on feedback or submissions and make informed decisions about improving your company. It is simple, effectively and works for hundreds of companies like yours.

Know what matters the most to your employees

Providing your employees with a suggestions voting tool, helps you know what suggestions to work on next and what employee suggestion needs your urgent attention. Instead of making decisions about the next set of features based on data rather than just guesswork.

Voice of employee feedback, but 365 days a year

What if you can run voice of the employee feedback throughout the year and yoru employees can look forward to providing their feedback in one single place? That's Hellonext for you.

Integrate Hellonext with your existing login system via SSO, make it your own with your company's brand colors and park it under your own sub-domain like voice.yourcompany.com. Make it feel like home for you and for your employees.

Keep your employees informed about policy updates

Since Hellonext allows you to both upvote and downvote, it makes it super easy for you to understand how the policy changes are welcomed by your employees. Almost immediately.

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