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Chances are that you already have a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) which you are not aware of. Customer Advisory Board has a group of highly valued customers who are willing to provide feedback for your product to improve yourself and customers' experience. Many companies use CAB to know what to build next, but the data they collect from CAB members are scattered, until they use Hellonext.

Having a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is crucial for your product, as they serve as a carefully selected sample of what your actual customers might want from your product.

Invite Advisory Members to Private Feedback Board

Take advantage of Hellonext's Private Boards to invite your Customer Advisory Board members for them to submit feedback anytime, anywhere for your product. Invite your team to the same board to enable a common communication ground to have swift and transparent communication, that is private between your customer (CAB) and your team.

Here's how to quickly do it:

  • Create a Private Board on Hellonext
  • Send a magic link to your Customer Advisory Board members for them to join
  • Allow your customers to submit and vote on features they like to see in your product
  • When you change the status of a feedback, Hellonext takes care of updating your customer - automagically 💫
  • Make data-backed decision from your CAB

Customer Advisory Board provides you with essential data that might be the next big break for your product. With the submissions, votes and comments from your CAB members, it is easy for you to know what feature to build next and where your customers need your product to be.

Keep your customers updated all the time

As your CAB members submit new features, your team can keep the CAB members updated with the latest information while you change the status of a feature they requested or comment on the feature they requested with an update and so much more.


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