Questions about customer feedback tools, answered.

Does Hellonext have Intercom Integration?  Yes

Hellonext has a deep integration with Intercom.

Is Hellonext customer feedback tool trusted?  Yes

Hellonext is built by Skcript (a 8 year old technology company) who are known for producing great quality software products.

Will Hellonext manage my product feedback?  Yes

You can use feedback boards on Hellonext to gather and manage customer feedback.

Can I publish Changelog on Hellonext?  Yes

You can use the Changelog editor from the Admin Dashboard and publish Changelog.

Can I publish product changelog from  Yes

Can I embed product changelog widget?  Yes

Can I export votes, posts, and changelog from  Yes

You can export posts, export votes via's API.

Are there any free customer feedback tools?  Yes

You can try tools like Hellonext, Canny or ProductBoard for free.

Does have a free plan?  No

No. does not offer a free plan.

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