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Building products people love is not about gut feeling, and it is about an informed decision. hellonext helps you with exactly that.

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  • Know what your customers want

  • You probably already know the value of customer feedback. Know what your customers want and build the next feature with confidence.

  • Collect private feedbacks

  • Use hellonext's Private Buckets feature to let only your paying customers provide valuable feedback for your product. Keep them in loop automagically.

  • Organize, measure & inform

  • Organize all the feedback in one place, measure what to build next. Once you update a submission, your interested customers are automatically informed.

Everything you need to gather feedback

From B2B SaaS companies to consumer products, hellonext works for companies & products of any scale. There's everything you need to gather feedback.

Private Boards

Allow only your privileged customers to give you feedback and keep them in loop with Private Boards.

Real-time discussions

Get real-time updates about the discussions about a particular feature and keep everyone in loop.

Team Controls

Invite your team, work together to set a clear roadmap. Keep all your internal discussions private.

Guest Upvotes

Allow guests to upvote on feature requests without having to force them to login.

Unlimited Integrations

Connect hellonext to your existing apps in just one click. Sync hellonext data automatically to gain insights.

Webhooks & APIs

Use hellonext's webhooks to get important notifications about the updates on hellonext.

Trusted Users

Allow certain users to access private buckets. Share private roadmaps with them to increase loyalty.

Automatic Insights

Get weekly insights about your account. Measure what worked and what did not in no time.

Let us help you with frictionless customer feedback

We created hellonext to make customer feedback frictionless. Hundreds of hours of work has gone in thinking about how the process can be simplified so you can adopt the platform easily. We cannot wait to see you grow with us.

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