Hellonext's Zero Tracking Policy

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Privacy is a fundamental right. We hate products that track user data, and we do not belong to that clan. At Hellonext, we follow a strict zero tracking policy your information, stays with you.

Hellonext is built by a bootstrapped & independently run company - Skcript. We are not motivated by data, but by your user experience.

Frequently Asked Privacy Questions

Why privacy matters?

Privacy is the single most important thing online. At least according to us. We truly believe that building a product doesn't have to suck all the data that you can get from your customers, especially when they are willing to pay something for your product. That's a breach of privacy according to us.

Who runs Hellonext?

Skcript (https://www.skcript.com) runs Hellonext. Skcript is an independently run enterprise consulting company working with large banks & government to build technology enabled products.

Where do I read the privacy policy?

Head over to the link here to read our privacy policy: Read Hellonext Privacy Policy →

Why does Skcript not track data?

Our goal is to build a product that our customers can obsess over. That is our only goal. Nothing more, nothing less. This, we beleive, does not require data to be collected. If we need clarity about how someone is using Hellonext, we directly talk to our customers to know how they use Hellonext. It is human, and it is possible.

Who do I contact to talk more about privacy?

While you can talk to anyone from our team to check about how we value privacy, you can write to our support address to make it simple. Click here to compose an email.

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