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Organization / month

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  • Unlimited feedback
  • One manager
  • 1000 submitters
  • Unlimited Private Boards
  • Custom domains support
  • Multi-language Support
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • 3 Integrations
  • New features every 14 days

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  • Everything in Take Flight
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Simple, yet powerful features for your product.

Dig down into what's powering your growth the most.

Anonymous voting

With just a click, you can allow your users to vote anonymously, to support a feature.

Anonymous submission

Allow your users to submit a new feature, without having to login into the platform.

Custom domains

Make Hellonext your own. Map your account to a domain name you already own.


Hellonext works tools you already use. Jira, Trello, Slack and more. Keep your workflow the same.

Board Privacy

HYour boards can be either public or private with access to only certain users. Control is with you.

Board Widgets

Hellonext can embed seamlessly into your platform, keeping your users engaged.

Follow submissions

Users can subscribe to a submission made by others to get notified about any change.


Let your users know what features you shipped recently with Hellonext's Changelog.


You can moderate feedbacks as they come, either accept or reject. You can also moderate comments.

“Really good platform not only for developers but content creators to engage with their community on what they'd like to see. Being able to upvote right on the front-page without signing in is really helpful.“

Leo Koenig review about Hellonext



Take Flight

Fly High


Unlimited feedback
Gather as many feedback as you want from various sources.
Private Buckets
Protect feedback in buckets that are visible only to your team or your paid customers.
Create multiple buckets
Create and manage multiple buckets as you like. Organize feedback, bugs, ideas and so much more into buckets.
Choose default bucket
Choose a default bucket in which people pour all of their feedback.
Managers are people who administer the feedback flowing in for your account.




They are your customers. The ones who are going to give you the feedback for your product.




Dark mode
Accessing Hellonext in the night? Put less strain on your eyes with an insanely beautiful dark mode on Hellonext.
Guest upvotes
Allow guests to upvote on the features for your product.
View upvoters
Easily view who supported a feature request and even export all the users from the admin panel.
Import feedback
Have existing feedback? Import them from an existing source.
Threaded comments
Provide more context to your customers with threaded comments on Hellonext.
Reactions to comments New
Let your customers react to your comments via emojis.
Patreon Integration
Integrate your Patreon account to allow your customers to subscribe to you.



Intercom Integration New
Deep integration with all of Intercom's products to gather feedback easily.
Customize forms
Customize the form fields the way you need to delightfully gather feedback from your customers.
Transparent payment history
See all the payments you've ever made for Hellonext in one single dashboard.
Support for Single Sign-on to integrate logins with your product.
24x7 Support
24x7 customer support to help you with any issue you might face.

Weekdays support

24x7 Support

iFrame Embeds
Embed your Hellonext domain into your own product for easy feedback gathering.
Moderation New
You can moderate feedbacks as they come, either accept or reject. You can also moderate comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hellonext?

Hellonext is a powerful tool for product managers and SaaS product owners to gather, organize and respond to feedback and feature requests from their customers with ease. Designed to enable your customers to provide feedback easily, so that you can build products better for them.

Can I try Hellonext for free?

Yes. You can try Hellonext free for 7 (seven) days. No restrictions on the features or users.

Is there a discount for Startups and Colleges?

Yes. We are a startup too, and we would love to be with you on this journey. There is a $10/month plan for startups and educational institutions. Check your eligibility here.

Do the subscriptions renew automatically?

Yes. The billing happens every month automagically. You will receive a renewal notice three days before the actual renewal happens. We use the amazing tool called Paddle for processing payments.

Is Hellonext free for open-source?

Yes. No strings attached. Free forever.

Why Hellonext?

Hellonext was created at Skcript, to gather feedback on our products and services from our customers. Our horizon slowly but steadily started expanding, and today, over 800 organizations rely on Hellonext to organize, their feedback. Our promise has always been the same; listen to customers, build what they need, and grow with them.

With Hellonext, you will be supporting a team of bootstrapped engineers, who are building, improving and designing Hellonext, every single day.

Can I self-host Hellonext?

Yes. Only for enterprise customers.

Can I cancel the plan at any time?

It will be a sad day for our team, and we would do whatever it takes to make you our happiest customer. But if you still insist, you can.

How do I contact support for more information?

There are multiple support channels for us. If you prefer email, please write to support@hellonext.co. If you prefer chat support, please click here.

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