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A comprehensive look at user feedback tools for your product, how to choose user feedback tool and what features do user feedback tool have.

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A beginner’s guide to a feedback management software

An instant customer feedback tool is a central part of knowing what users think about your product. The feedback from your customers are important than ever to improve your product drastically. Using the best instant feedback tool for your product could drastically improve the way your customers see your product as well as improve NPS scores.

Providing customers with a platform for them to submit new features, vote on existing features and to keep themselves updated about the product's features they requested. A platform like Hellonext has been helping customers of all sizes to gather instant feedback from their customers.

In this page, we are going to help you understand a bit more about the instant feedback tool. Here's a gist of what we will cover in this page:

  • What is an instant feedback tool?
  • How can an instant feedback tool help your product?
  • What is the best instant feedback tool in market?
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