Best Product Feature Voting Software In 2021

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Best products excel at gathering and prioritizing customer feedback using feature voting software. Your customers' opinion about how they experience and use your product is so valuable that you get to iterate your product quickly with extremely low-risk.

Why use feature voting software?

Imagine if your favorite product would allow you to give them feedback, and you get to know what is happening to the feedback you submitted to the team. The trust factor on that product would go up for you, and you would stay loyal to that product.

Today, this kind of building loyalty is enabled by using a good feature voting software for your product. Here are a few reasons why you should use feature voting software for feature voting:

  • You create a sense of community;
  • Increase customer retention by keeping them informed about what's coming;
  • Complete the customer feedback loop (end-to-end);
  • Build out your internal product roadmap based on customer feedback;
  • Prioritize the next features to build based on the customer vote on features;
  • Measure your customers' Net Promoter Score;
  • You don't collect customer data, and customers volunteer to give their opinion;
  • Customers realize that you value their opinion;

Five best tools for feature voting

The customer feedback software market is booming, and there are quite a lot of tools that you can use today, but I will list the top 5 tools that lead the industry and serve as alternatives to each other.

  1. Hellonext
  2. Productboard
  3. Convas
  5. SurveyMonkey


Hellonext is one of the most powerful customer feedback management tools, trusted by thousands of Product Managers. We have been putting in a ton of effort into building the best feature voting software you can ever use, and our goal is to make Hellonext the industry-leading feature voting tool by Q3 2022.

Best feature voting tool in the market

Here are some of the reasons why over 10,000 people trust Hellonext:

  • Zero learning curve for your customers with simple UI & friendly UX;
  • Pricing is very affordable for any business size;
  • Amazingly friendly customer support;
  • Power features that help you save hours every week;
  • Embed-anywhere concept to integrate Hellonext anywhere you like;
  • Zero-tracking policy so you control your customers' data;

There is more to Hellonext:

  • Anonymous voting & submissions
  • Priority ratings to know how important a feature is for your customer;
  • Mask user' details to hide users from knowing who the other person is;
  • iOS and Android apps;
  • Multiple embed options;
  • Under 150ms response times;
  • JWT based SSO integration;
  • Consulting hours with our engineering & design team;

How is Hellonext different from others:

We created Hellonext with incredible attention to detail. Everything feature we build is precise and is designed to help product managers like us. This makes all the difference when it comes to Hellonext vs. other alternatives.

Here are a few areas in which Hellonext excels over the other alternatives:

  1. Attention to detail → designed by people who create products for millions of people with Governments and banks;
  2. Predictable Pricing → always know how much you are paying and no punishment for your growth;
  3. Ultimately yours → make Hellonext your own with various customization options and keep things simple with a minimal design;
  4. Engineering hours → find something which is challenging for you to implement? leave it out to our engineers;
  5. Enterprise-ready from Day 0 → all our life, we have built applications for banks and governments. We put all our learning to use with Hellonext;


Productboard has been there for a while and is used by so many product managers. Productboard is quite complex to use and has quite a bit of learning curve and process change in your product development. But if you are okay with changing to a new process, then Productboard could be for you.

Productboard Hellonext alternative

Why choose Productboard for feedback management

  • Advanced user insights to know who is doing what;
  • Prioritization scores to understand how important a feature would be for a user;
  • In-built task management;
  • Public feedback boards;

Is Productboard expensive?

Productboard's pricing starts at $49/month/user. So if your organization has 5 Product Managers, you would end up paying $245/month for your company. This could bite into your budget for a tool that helps you prioritize customer feedback. Productboard is way too expensive when it is compared to Hellonext, which comes with $50/month for 10 Product Managers.


Convas is a new entrant in the market. Convas starts at $49/month, and I think it is a bit too high for a product that comes with Convas' feature-set. Convas comes with roadmap and feedback boards, but as a new entrant, the product is evolving at its own pace. If you need more features and power-user capabilities, Convas might not be just right for you. But again, in all fairness, I encourage you to try it out to decide for yourself.

Convas feedback boards

Why choose Convas

  • Minimal design design is super minimal and might work for some products;
  • Roadmap auto-published roadmap for customers;
  • Support small team and they provide really good support;

Is Convas expensive?

Convas is on the higher side for some reason. I couldn't understand why Convas is priced at $49/month for the feature-set they are offering. Choose Convas if you need something for the above-mentioned advantages.

Considered to be the most popular product in the market and used by thousands of people to gather feedback for their products. Canny was started back in 2017, and they have grown significantly since then and are competing with Hellonext.

Canny alternative

Why choose

  • Good design across the product;
  • Integrated roadmap features;
  • Integrations with enterprise tools like JIRA;

Is expensive?

Absolutely. starts at $50/month for 100 tracked users. So who are these tracked users? They are what we call the interactors. If 100 people interact with your Canny account, then you pay $50/month. When you grow to 1000 users, you end up paying $200/month. You grow even more, Canny punishes you for paying more to them for the same set of features and slow robotic support. Make the right choice.


UserVoice has been around for a long time now. The product has been incredibly popular because of Microsoft's use of UserVoice. The product as such is so old that you can see it in their interface. It could not be obvious for your users, but if you need the features they offer, go with UserVoice.

UserVoice alternative

Why choose UserVoice

  • Complex features with slide & dice;
  • Enterprise-grade reporting;
  • Advanced user roles and admin options;

Is UserVoice expensive?

While UserVoice pricing is still not transparent for anyone, they seem to be pricing the way they want with your company's size. You need to talk to sales to get their pricing, and it looks like $500/month seems to be the starting option. Read more here.

Need someone to talk to?

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