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What does product management do?

What does a product manager from the product management team do on a day-to-day basis. Everything you need to know.

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Are there any apps which offer a Feature Request voting widget?

I am looking for a tool which will make it easy for me to collect customer feedback, (allow users to vote on upcoming features) for my web app.

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5 product feature voting software you should use in 2021

Which feature voting software to use in 2021 for your product to collect user feedback requests.

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What feature voting tool to use to organise feature requests

Spreadsheets are daunting and huge? Here are top four feature voting software that help you collect, organize and triage customer feedback.

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What is Affinity Grouping?

What is Affinity Grouping, how to organize an affinity grouping meeting and when should you run an affinity grouping meeting. Everything you need to know about Affinity Grouping for your product.

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Who is Chief Product Officer.

What is all the hype about CPO. What does a CPO do. What is their job role. How to choose a CPO. Everything you need to know. Learn more about the role.

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Best feature voting tool you will love using.

The best product managers trust Hellonext as their feature request tool of choice. Experience Hellonext today.

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