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We're on the lookout for motivated, curious, and passionate people who have the drive to revolutionize the way people manage feedback.

Why build Hellonext, and why build now

We are focused on building the best software in our industry.

Product management is a crucial part of building a successful product. It is literally the unit in a company that orchestrates everything about the product.

At Hellonext, we are working to set a standard for building great products. We are starting with customer feedback management.

We believe we can work together to build great software.


Three Core Values

Three core values we live by to help people make data-informed decisions through well designed products.

  • Answer the why

    Design with the utmost intention and care. Question everything you do and answer the why.

  • Unmatched quality

    Never back down on the quality. If there is a button, make it the best button ever made.

  • Build for long-term

    Build features that last. Not something that works for today and becomes obsolete tomorrow.

Open positions

There are no open job roles right now, but a great chance to work with you might arrive very soon. Fingers crossed 🤞.

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