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Zapier is the most powerful third-party integration platform today. With Hellonext for Zapier, our goal is to help you build thousands of integrations with just a click of a button using Zapier triggers.


With Hellonext for Zapier, you can build hundreds of automation solutions withour having to go through coding challenges and engineering effort. You can just connect your Hellonext account with Zapier, and drag-drop and go live.

Getting started

Zapier works slightly differently when compared to all the other powerful integrations that Hellonext comes with out-of-the-box.

Before you start integrating Hellonext with Zapier, it is a good practice to learn a bit about Zapier and how triggers, workflows and other elements work. Having a good idea about what you want to automate and what you want to achieve is an added advantage for this integration.



Create your Hellonext account

The first thing you need is your Hellonext account. If you have already created one, we can proceed to the next step. If you are new to Hellonext, and reading this article for knowledge, you can always choose to signup by clicking here.


Generate your Hellonext API key

Login into your Hellonext account as an Administrator. Now, you can generate a new API key from Admin DashboardOrganization SettingsAdvanced tabGenerate API key


Connect Hellonext with Zapier

You can now click on this link which takes you to Hellonext page on Zapier. Once you login, and choose Hellonext as the trigger, you will be asked to enter the API key. Enter the API key you generated in the previous step.

Once you are done, you will be suggested with multiple pre-built Zapier workflow templates that helps you get things started quickly.

What you should know

We built the Zapier integration to be as flexible as possible. Our Zapier trigger can be used to combine with other application triggers and workflows. For example, you can setup a Zapier workflow that creates a new JIRA issue whenever a specific board gets a new post on Hellonext.

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