Create submission templates for feedback forms

Submission templates are a great way to gather more information from your customers.

What are submission templates

Submission form templates allows you to pre-fill text inside the form for your users to get the context of what they are submitting as well gather critical information that you might need from your customers.

Give me an example of submission templates

The best example is when you have a Board on Hellonext that is dedicated to allow your users to submit bug reports. In this Board, you can pre-fill form information like:

  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected behavior
  • Reproducible
  • Occurrence area and more

How to use Submission Templates on Hellonext

How to create your own submission template

  1. Click on Boards from the Admin Dashboard sidebar.
  2. Click on the specific board you wish to create the submission template for.
  3. Toggle to the Customize Form section.
  4. You will find the Submission template section on your screen.
  5. Update the necessary fields and click on Update at the bottom.

Here’s a screen recording which will take you through these steps:

Seems rather easy and simple to follow doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! :)

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