Setting up Single Sign-on for your Hellonext account

Automatically know which user is giving you feedback via your Hellonext account with Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO allows you to connect your user authentication system directly with that of Hellonext’s to know exactly who is giving you feedback or supporting an existing one. With SSO, you can understand whether the customer is a paying customer, a VIP, or someone random.

Want to know more about SSO? Read the Wikipedia article here ↗

Once you integrate Hellonext’s SSO, your users can submit feedback without logging in (we will override it with your authentication system). Before you can use the SSO feature for feature requests, there are a couple of pre-requisites you might want to know:


  • Your application/product has a user authentication system already;
  • Your application/product can generate SSO tokens;
  • This feature is currently supported on Board embeds and widgets only;
  • You must be the administrator of your Hellonext account;

p.s.: if you need further help, reach out to us 😊.

Generating an SSO token on Hellonext

Generating SSO token on Hellonext is quite simple. Let me explain:

  1. Sign in to your Hellonext account.
  2. Go to your Admin Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard button next to your profile picture on the top right corner.
  3. Click on Organization Settings → Advanced. You will find the SSO section, where my team has written some instructions to generate the key. Just click on Generate, and you should have your shiny new SSO token for you to use.
  4. Sign a JWT Token with the generated SSO Key on your server/application.
  5. Use the JWT token to identify and authenticate your user on Hellonext.

That’s it. Your users can now seamlessly submit feedback to your account, and you also know who they are.

How to generate JWT on your server

npm install --save jsonwebtoken

var jwt = require("jsonwebtoken"); 
function generateJWTToken(user) { 
  var userData = { email:, name:, }; 
  return jwt.sign(userData, SSO_KEY, { algorithm: "HS256" }); 

If you have a private organization and would like to add members to your team automatically, set the add_to_team key to true in userData.

var userData = { email:, name:, add_to_team: true }; 

How to embed with SSO Token

  • Get the embedURL link from Boards → Click on a Board → Options → Embed Board. Example:
  • ssoToken is what we generated in the generateJWTToken above.

Hellonext can now identify your users and authenticate them automatically. 🎉

Note: SSO is a feature available on our Fly High plan or above. Contact us if you need anything with it. 🙌

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