How to use Filters on Hellonext

Filters options help you filter out all the posts that you've received, according to your needs. Hellonext have various options for this to help out the admins and members of the organization for making prioritisation extremely easy-peasy!

We made it simple for you -

  1. Just log into your Hellonext profile, and head on over to your Dashboard.
  2. Here on the left sidebar panel, you will see the All Posts option.
  3. To filter all the posts you received, just click on the filter icon on the top right of your Dashboard like so:


You will be able to narrow down your search as per the filter you apply for your posts! Here's a brief run-down of each filter type:

  • Filter by Boards - This will allow to to filter your searches as per the different individual boards. Just click on your preferred board in the dropdown.

  • Filter by Status - By applying this filter, your posts will be sorted according to their status, i.e. whether they be in In Progress, In Review or Completed.

  • Filter by Tags - Should you have any tags added to your posts, you will be able to filter them out as per your tag name of choosing.

  • Filter by Submitters - This will help filter posts based on submitters.

  • Filter by Assignees - Choosing this filter will list out all your posts according to a particular assignee who is working on on them.

  • Filter by Time - This lists all the posts as per the period that you choose.

  • Filter by Email domain - You will be able to choose a specific domain that your users have submitted their posts by.

  • Filter by Viewed - This will simply show those posts that have been viewed or have been left unveiled.

  • Filter by Vote - This will filter out those posts that have a specific vote count on them. This will help you to filter out posts according the range you have chosen for!

Here’s a screen recording which will take you through these steps:

Seems rather easy and simple to follow doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! :)

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