How to handle Hellonext notifications

We all know how incredibly exhausting a bunch of notifications clogging up your inbox can get, right? How about we gave you a way to filter out so that you only receive the ones you absolutely need?

  1. Once you go log onto your profile on Hellonext, click on your display picture at the top right corner.
  2. Click on My Profile in the drop down menu and toggle to the Settings section.
  3. Here scroll down to find the Notifications option.
  4. By default, all three notification options Posts, Comments and Changelog will be checked - feel free to go ahead and simply uncheck whichever notification mail you’d rather not receive!

Remember though, even if you uncheck all three options, you will still be able to go through all your notifications on your own profile under the Notification panel.

Also, don't worry about the important notifications that you must know about! Hellonext will never fail to send you those 😄

Here’s a screen recording which will take you through these steps:

Seems rather easy and simple to follow doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! :)

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