How a Roadmap Works

The Roadmap of your company will be a visual representation of your product and its trajectory. This will include each development stage as well as any enhancements that you are hoping to incorporate in the product. On Hellonext, your Roadmap will be a comprehensive document, presented in optics with different sections for your product goals, desired/ planned features in the future, timeframes, and whatever else it is you would like to have seen.

All Post statuses will be automatically enrouted to the Roadmap. According to the visibility you allowed to users. (For eg) If you allowed users to see only those posts which is in "Planned, In progress and Completed" it will categorise and show only those posts to users under each section.

Obviously, Hellonext have "Editing Roadmap Columns Option" you can extend your roadmap up to five columns or concise it to three or even two columns it's absolutely your wish!

Also, we have customisable Roadmap option which allows to create your own roadmap for your organization. How cool that was?

To explore our roadmap settings, follow along

  • Once you sign into your account, and click on the Roadmap on the left section , you will be able to see the option to Edit Columns on the top right.
  • Here, you will be able to turn on the toggle for whichever card it is that you want to be visible.

For more information check this article out by our team.

For enabling customisable roadmap

Go to "Setting & embed option" in the roadmap column.

To know more about customisable roadmap, check this article out

If incase, you have any doubts or clarifications, we're all ears! Just ping us.

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