Hellonext Integration with JIRA

With Hellonext and JIRA integration your team will be able to manage Hellonext right on your organization's JIRA channel. This article includes the steps to install and configure Hellonext and JIRA integration with workflow examples!


If you are working on Safari, go to Settings -> Privacy tab uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking. We need this option to be disabled for JIRA to detect your Hellonext login session. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a Safari mandated feature.


Or you could complete JIRA authorization, until Step 2 (Updating Configuration on JIRA) in this article, on Chrome and the rest of your Jira usage can be configured on Safari with the Privacy features on. This is a one step process which you will not have to repeat again.

Step 1 : Hellonext installation on JIRA:

To begin with:

  1. Go to your Hellonext Dashboard → Organization Settings → Integrations and click on connect in the JIRA section.

  2. Copy the URL found in the popup modal that shows up.


  3. Navigate to your JIRA home.

  4. Click on the dropdown for Apps in the list of option on the header.

  5. Select Manage Apps in the dropdown list.


  6. In the Manage apps section under User-installed apps, click on the Settings.


  7. Turn on Enable private listings & Enable development mode and then click on Apply.

  8. Refresh the page and you'll find an option to Upload App, click on it.


  9. Paste the URL that you copied from the Hellonext popup modal here and click Upload. Once validated and installed, your app is ready to be configured!

Step 2: Updating Configuration on JIRA:

  1. On JIRA, click on Configure under Hellonext in the User-installed apps section.


    Note: In case of errors during installation, use the Uninstall button and please reinstall the app following the steps from step 1. If you aren’t logged in, you will be redirected to the login page before setting the configuration.

  2. Choose the Hellonext organization that you would like to proceed integrating with and click on Update.

Step 3: Updating configuration on Hellonext:

  1. Go back to your Hellonext dashboard and navigate to JIRA in the Integrations section. If you already have the page open, please refresh it.

  2. Click on the Configure button in the JIRA integration section to complete this setup. As an admin, you can configure the project and the issue type.

  3. When the Push To Jira mode is enabled, it allows the user to create Jira issues from Hellonext posts directly or link a JIRA issue from the configured JIRA project by typing in the Issue key in the search bar available in every individual post page.


  4. You can then choose the JIRA project and the JIRA Issue Type.

  5. Push from Jira facilitates creating Hellonext posts from the configured Hellonext board on JIRA. You can export your Jira issues to HN with this option.

  6. When Push from Jira is configured to be Automatic, your issues will be automatically exported to Hellonext when they are created in Jira. The posts on Hellonext which are created via JIRA will have the organization creator as the submitter by default.

  7. When Push to Jira is in Manual mode, the admin can push the jira issues individually from the Glance panel on JIRA.


JIRA Glance Panel:

After integrating Hellonext with JIRA, you can access the glance panel by clicking on open Hellonext option in your JIRA issue page.


A JIRA issue can be exported by clicking on the ‘Export to Hellonext’ button in the glance panel. On successful creation, you will be redirected to the post page on Hellonext.


If an issue is already present on Hellonext, you can access it with the View on Hellonext button in the glance panel on JIRA.


Step 4: Setting Rules for Sync:

  1. Hellonext also offers status mapping with JIRA Rules for Sync, You can configure the JIRA status to one of available Hellonext statuses.

  2. To update Hellonext posts to ‘In Progress’, when Any linked JIRA issue is updated to ‘In Progress’, you can use the rule to emulate the same for you. You can also choose to notify the users of the same in the rules section.

  3. When multiple posts are configured to a single Hellonext board, we also provide a rule where status updation occurs only when All the linked Jira issues are updated to a single configured status.

For Example: To update Hellonext posts to Completed, when All linked JIRA issues are updated to Done, you can use the rule to do it automatically.


This completes the Hellonext - JIRA integration setup.


Creating a JIRA issue from Hellonext

  1. In order to create an issue in JIRA, the JIRA configuration on Hellonext (Dashboard> Organization settings > Integrations > Click on Configure JIRA) should have the Push To Jira option enabled.


  1. You can create a JIRA issue directly from Hellonext with the Create In Jira option available on all individual post pages.


  1. The subsequently created issue will be directly added under the Linked Jira Issues section.


Linking a Jira issue from Hellonext

When you navigate to an individual post page, you can also link JIRA issues directly with the Jira search bar using an issue-key or title. When successfully added, the linked issue will show up under the “Linked Jira Issues” section.



On Hellonext: To uninstall JIRA integration, you can simply click on Configure on JIRA configuration in the integrations page(Dashboard> Organization settings > Integrations) and click on Disconnect.



  1. Navigate to your JIRA home

  2. Click on the dropdown for Apps in the list of option on the header.

  3. Select Manage Apps in the dropdown list.

  4. In the Manage apps section under User-installed apps, expand the section for Hellonext and click on Uninstall.

  5. On the confirmation popup stating "Do you want to uninstall Hellonext?" click on Uninstall app.


Here’s a screen recording which will take you through these steps:

Seems rather easy and simple to follow doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! :)

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