Getting to know Hellonext

Hellonext was built to make it easy for your customers to give you feedback as frictionless as possible. The design, workflow, and everything around it being made with a concept we developed internally called “frictionless UI.”

While you start using Hellonext, you might need some help in understanding what is what. This article will explain those terminologies to you.



Boards are the entry point for most of your customers. Feedback boards are where you gather feedback from your customers and organize them the way you want to ship features faster.

Board is a collection of posts. A post is feedback that your customers submit to you.

Anyone who has access to a board can create a post, and it can be your customers or your team members who are with you on Hellonext. You can do a lot of actions on a particular post to manage it, and you can learn more about that here.

There are a few moving parts in these feedback boards:

Public boards – These types of boards are visible to everyone who is accessing your Hellonext domain. Our feedback boards are an excellent example of this:

Private boards – These boards are invite-only boards and are not visible to anyone other than the people you explicitly provided access. With private boards, you can manage your internal feedback or ideas or different use-cases within your team or a particular set of customers.



A Roadmap is the visual representation of the features you are working on in your product. Many of our customers use Roadmap to help their sales team showcase their potential customers about their progress. Some customers also call this feature of Hellonext – a Timeline.

When you make progress with the posts on boards, you also progress along in the roadmap. Your users can have a quick overview of what is happening with the product they trust (which is your product) and what they can expect going forward. Here's the link to our Roadmap.



Changelog (aka release notes) is where you publish the latest updates you have made to your product. You can embed Changelog into your product with a beautiful and straightforward widget, which keeps the customers informed about what you shipped recently. Checkout our Changelog here.

We are thankful for your trust in us by becoming our customer. Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! Here’s to everything you would do with Hellonext. 🚀

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