Is there a feature that you think hellonext should build next?

Jira integration

Would be nice to have an integration with Jira. Especially useful for teams using Agile Project Management.

Ability to update the organization name after creation

Sometimes, this feature might come in handy.

Internationalization can help with improved user engagement

hellonext is encouraging the users to provide feedbacks and feature suggestions for the application they use. Some might be motivated if hellonext could provide some localized language support too.

Ability to select filters at the top of the page

Would be great if I could select which filters to allow users to view on my company's page. (PS -- this is an awesome website! Can't wait to see what rolls out post-beta)

Allow users to submit without signing in

Not sure if this is in the works after the beta version, but it'd be great if you could collect feature requests without requiring users to sign in!

two way twitter integration

responding to tweets within hellonext platforms for teams A platform to collect the tweets for feature requests and bugs for organisations

submission form within the website

I want a "what to build next" submission form within the website so that my users can submit feature requests easily

Github Integration

Allow Github repo owners to push some issues to track on hellonext.

Clearer description on landing page

I had to scroll down to work out what it was, and was still a bit unsure. You could add "a forum for your product" somewhere in the first section so you get a clear idea of what it is as soon as you open the page. You could also link to this forum as an example so viewers can get a very clear idea of what it is and what it's for.

Product roadmap display capability

It should be possible to display the product roadmap to end customers using single sign-on.It should be possible to customize the layout to maintain design consistency

Migration of suggestion from different platform

In case someone want to migrate to this tool it should be possible to auto import the data

Submit idea through email

It should be possible to submit an idea through email id which directly imports the suggestion in the feedback tool. I can also integrate this email id in customer e-mails.This will help in getting feedback without logging to the tool

User data enrichment

When someone votes for an idea it should be possible to add other data about the user such as plan to which he is subscribed, his role etc so can do better analysis for the data

Score card for ideas

Companies may want to prioritize the idea based on the set of parameter and assign a score to each of these parameters for each idea

Restricting ideas to particular domain

I may want only my enterprise customers to view, give and vote for ideas

Merge ideas

In case multiple submission are same it should be possible to merge them into one

There should be option to show or hide the people name who voted for the idea

Some companies may want to show or hide the name of people who voted for idea

There should be ability to auto mark idea as spam

This will help in seeing these idea under different tab and if not spam it can be moved to mainstream

It should be possible to configure who can vote guest user or as login user

Some companies may need only logged in user to provide feedback/vote for the feature

There should be option to specify maximum number of votes per idea

In case the customer wants 3 feature but one of the 3 is more important than other he should be able to give more votes than just one vote for the feature.

There should be option to access the feedback tool using Single sign on

It should allow customers to give feedback using current site credentials instead of logging in again with new credentials. It will also help in segmenting my customers and analyzing the feedback

There should be option to limit the number of vote per user

Number of votes per user per feature help in reducing the bias...

Add a company discovery function

add a feed/search box where users can find companies and give feedback. you could also monetize by promoting paying companies on the feed

A Roadmap Visualization

Visualizing a roadmap using the feature requests that are updated to the status of "in development" and so.

Raise feature requests on behalf of other users

Support teams are using a lot of different application. Say Asana, Freshdesk and so. It would be really helpful, if the feedbacks raised in those applications can be automatically raised and assigned in hellonext too.

Google Analytics Integration

Would add a lot of value for the admins to keep track of where their users are coming in from.

Showing upvoters only on Admin Dashboard

As a platform normal user, it is clean and calm to see the upvote counts and not the upvoters. But as a admin of an organization, it might be helpful in few aspects if I could see the list of upvoters for the submissions.

Can we have tags for each submission?

Tags will help us categorize what kind of request it is. Like Feature Request, Suggestion, Error etc.

Browser Notifications for new feedbacks

It would be nice if we could push a browser notifications for new submissions and comments.

A page which lists all the products on HelloNext

I want to browse and see what other people at other companies are building to their product. Basically I end of registering on HelloNext because a company used it, I login and I upvote/post, but after that I just exit cause there's nothing else to do. If this is what you intended, alright, but I would also be curious to see what other companies are here and what they're thinking.

Option to link feature requests

The option to link feature requests would be nice-to-have. There could be features that are derived from other requests or sub-tasks. It will be great to reference them.

User Title Badges/Roles

Linked to multiple admins per organization - it will be great to have user titles/badges so that the customers know who they are talking to. Ex: A Product Manager who's commenting on a request can be easily identified. (Ref: Moderator/Admin tags in forums)

White-labeled domains

It'll be great if we can have white-labeled custom domains for consistent branding across the platform from our business perspective

Dark theme

Enable dark theme for the entire platform. You saw this coming. Didn't you team?

Markdown support for comments & feedbacks

Bringing in markdown support for feedbacks and comments would add a lot of value for the users to quickly stress on a few things using Markdown.

Multiple admins to an organization

Ability to add multiple people to an organisation to manage feedbacks from their customers is something that would add value to the users.

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