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Product Roadmap

The roadmap gives a brief and one-page view of your product pipeline. Keep your users updated about what is being built, what has been done and what has been planned.

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Get a simplified view of the submission statuses all on one page.

The roadmap was one of the most desired features, with Hellonext Roadmap you can check the status of all submissions in a single page. A simple roadmap view is all you need to keep your customers updated about your product.

The roadmap provides users with a global view of what’s the current status of the product and where their expected feature stands in the pipeline.

You can also find the total number of feature requests you received under each bucket in your organization.

Communicate about your Product pipeline

Showcase your interest in being customer-focused by updating what you’re actively working on.

Gather feedback for projects on your product roadmap.

  • A Kanban view is the product team’s favourite way of communicating product roadmaps.
  • It has three vertical lists; Planned, In Progress,and Completed indicating the three major statuses of feedback.
  • When the submissions are moved from one status to another by the organization admins, they will be updated automatically here.
  • You can also upvote the submissions you like directly from the roadmap.

A product roadmap is the better way to plan next releases

  • Your internal team will find it easy to plan the marketing pipeline based on the Kanban board.
  • One page to help you identify the most upvoted feature and plan it for the next release
  • You can see the total number of feature requests submitted under a bucket here
  • Users who are excited to see ‘new updates’ and ‘where their expected feature resides’ can make use of this feature

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