Keep users updated with
Hellonext Roadmap

Publish your product roadmap and tell your customers what's coming. Use Hellonext's roadmap lanes to visually represent your roadmap. alternative tool

Show what features are coming to your product

Send product update notifications to your users about new feature updates or product releases. Use Hellonext's rich-text editor to add rich content to create exceptional experience.

Increase retention

Showing features in roadmap showcases that you care. Builds trust among users.

Install in < 5 minutes

No coding knowledge required. Implement Hellonext Changelog with just a button click.

Embed anywhere

Install in-app widget to announce features to your users with context. Try a demo here ↗

Notify users

Gently nudge users about new product updates to improve feature awareness.

Tag feature requests

Tag existing feature requests to changelog posts. Keep users updated.

Get instant feedback with reactions

Get instant reactions from your users about the new feature you pushed live. Know what works and what you could do more. Integrate with apps to close feedback loop.

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