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Create your own embeddable feedback & feature voting widget for your product. Get your account on Hellonext for $12/month. It is easy, fast and efficient.

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Engage better, act agile

  • Customers love sharing feedback but hate wasting their time. The widget makes giving feedback fast and fun.
  • Also, makes it easier to solve queries and more likely to give customers quality answers.
  • Our updated version supports to show all the feedback submissions in detail.
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Improve your customer experience over time

  • We help you to collect feedback seamlessly and behave like a part of your page to provide the best customer experience.
  • Here is how we added a widget to our page to give a better customer experience.
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I want a widget!

Now you’re probably excited to embed our customer feedback widget on your webpage, Here are the steps

  • Sign in to your Hellonext account
  • Navigate to your organization settings page
  • Copy the JS code snippet under the “Widget” section
  • Add this to your website HEAD tag
  • Just give an opening selector to customize the position, that’s all no fuss!
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Embed the widget anywhere on the webpage

Embed the widget wherever you need to fix on your web page. If you decide it is going to be on a button in between the paragraphs; we support that. Get better and optimized performance. Just open the widget, view all feedback and open any feedback to see its details in the widget itself.

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