One centralized hubfor all your user feedback

Learn what your customers want and need with actionable insights in one centralized hub for your product feedback.

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Keep your customers in the loop

When you start working on a feature your customers have requested, they automagically get notified about the progress. You don't have to lift a finger for this to happen.

  • Easily organize your customer feedback and idea pipeline with boards.
  • Automatically update Product Roadmap as you progress.
  • Integrate with your Slack community to give customers real-time updates.
Feature request tracker for SaaS products
Feature request tracker for SaaS products

Uncover what your customers need

Hellonext is your perfect companion when it comes to managing customer feedback. Hellonext makes it super easy for your customers to provide feedback, all you have to do is to kick-back and relax.

With feedback boards, you can collect feedback either from every one of your customers or specific customers. This creates a sense of tight-knit community and a place where you and your customers brainstorm ideas for the product roadmap.

Take the most effective high-impact decision

With number of votes, priority ratings, and customer engagement on a feature request, you'll continuously improve the customer experience and drive strong high-impact outcomes for your product.

Feature request tracker for SaaS products

There is so much more

Even more features

Basic features
Some of the basic features that you can't miss.
  • Public feedback boards
  • Private feedback boards
  • Comments moderation
  • Posts moderation
  • Hide posts
  • Internal comments
  • Merge duplicate posts
  • Pinned posts
  • Estimated Time of Completion
Advanced features
There is so much more you can do with your feedback boards.
  • Optional downvotes
  • Feedback form customizationsNew
  • Submission templates
  • Vote on behalf
  • Estimated time of completion
  • Unlimited tags
  • Assign posts to a member
  • Priority ratings
  • Activity feed
Board Integrations
Integrate feedback boards within your product.
  • Boards form embeds
  • Feedback board embeds
  • Automatic logins with SSO
  • Integrate JIRA with Boards
  • Integrate Intercom with Boards
  • Private invite linksNew
  • Bulk invite people
Finer board controls
Hellonext gives you even more options to control and manage feedback.
  • Read-only boardsNew
  • Disable comments
  • Disable new posts
  • Bulk import posts
  • Mask user details
  • Anonymous voting
  • Anonymous submissions

Feedback Management Software Reimagined

Customer feedback management brings a lot of anxiety for customer success executives and product owners. Collecting, prioritizing, and responding to customer feedback the right way could have a big impact in your product growth trajectory and build a loyal customer community around your product. In the recent years, this realization has led to companies ranging from Uber to Wayfair to, to revamp their traditional customer feedback management process and move away from old school software solutions to manage customer feedback.

At Hellonext, we have found that when you remove the friction with traditional customer feedback software, and move towards a system where customer feedback is merged with support ticketing system you're making the process less transparent and more chaotic for customers, ruining the entire experience. Customer feedback management solution need a combination of real-time feedback management, prioritization, and product updates all in one simple workflow your customers would understand.

For you to have a frictionless customer feedback management experience, we set out to build an end-to-end customer feedback management process that makes managing, prioritizing, and updating feedback simple for everyone involved. With Hellonext, you drive improved customer engagement, enhance employee productivity, and simplify the entire process.

Hellonext is a powerful SaaS customer feedback management software that aligns your product teams and customers, including – collecting feedback, prioritizing customer feedback, setting product roadmap, publish changelog, build a loyal customer community → all in one user-friendly customer feature request tracker solution.

We focus on building a customer feedback management software that is easy to use for product managers, product owners, indie makers and end-customers.

You get even more

New features every 14-days

You get new feature updates every 14-days & feature improvements every day.

Feedback Boards

Feedback Boards

Feedback boards allow you to collect feedback from your users. So simple to understand.

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Roadmap grid

Product Roadmap

Turn feedback requests into visual product roadmap to let your users know what's coming next.

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Publish changelog to let users know what has changed in your product with changelog widgets.

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