Collect user feedback with
Feedback Portal

You can now build the most impactful features your users want with feedback portal. No more guesswork. You are now empowered with actual data and user requests on what feature to build next. alternative tool

How feedback boards work


Share feedback portal

Share your feedback portal's URL with your users or link your Hellonext portal's URL in your product.


Users submit feature requests

Your users now start submitting feature requests and feedback for your product.


Build your roadmap

With the information you received from your users, start building your product roadmap from user feedback.

Make data-informed product decisions

With all your product feedback in one place , you can now make informed decisions about the future of your product. You can now reach out to people who supported a feedback to enable open discussion about a product feature.

Close the feedback loop

You can now automatically update users about status changes for your feature requests. Close the feedback loop with near zero effort.

Install in < 5 minutes

No coding knowledge required. Implement your own feedback boards with just a click of a button.

Collect from anywhere

Push new feature requests to Hellonext effortlessly with powerful integrations.

Embed anywhere

Install in-app widget to collect feature requests and feedback from your users with context. Try a demo here ↗

Limit votes per user

Limit the number of votes a user can do during a particular period of time. Make their votes even more valuable.

Allow guests to vote on posts or submit new ones

Sometimes you don't want your users to sign-in to submit new feature requests. Turn on guest submissions or guest votes to have anyone interact without having to signin.

Make the voting and submission experience frictionless for your users

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