Come over to the other side, Hellonext Dark Mode

Hellonext dark mode is one of the most awaited features by our customers. Why should you turn down brightness when we support a black background window? Just toggle to switch between modes.

↓ A demo of Hellonext's Darkmode ↓

Hellonext's roadmap screenshot

Supports for all the devices

  • The dark mode support is available for all the devices and browsers without any exception.
  • You can simply switch between the light and dark mode with a toggle switch
  • The colors, text, and images get auto-adjusted to the mode you choose and compliments well.

Enhance your visual ergonomics

  • If you are a night owl (like us), dark mode comes in handy as it protects your eyes and doesn’t blind you with the bright lights.
  • Improves readability and reduces screen glare by minimizing flickering and blue light.
  • Above all, it looks rich. There isn’t a single app or OS that does not support darkmode now. Not just because it’s vision friendly but also because of its super rich user interface.

Dark mode became our team’s favourite! We love to work in a dark mode. There are other features that you might like, check them out.

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