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Create and publish changelog for your product with in-product widgets, embed changelog and more.

Increase feature awareness & engagement

  • Never let your users miss new feature updates, show them you’re improving constantly.
  • The changelog officially announces to the users on ‘what’s new’. Any user who comes to the organization page can see the latest updates published.
  • All the new releases published are listed by the order of the latest releases.
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Create and edit your changelog with ease

  • Our latest version changelog has upgraded with an improved design and a new editor.
  • The new editor supports more formatting styles. Here, you can add lists, links, format fonts, and even upload image files.
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Manage all your product changelog

  • The admin panel has a provision to manage all changelogs.
  • Admins can edit published releases and unpublish or publish releases.
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Complete the feedback status cycle

  • As feedback submissions are completed, you can create a changelog release note and add these feedback submissions to the release.
  • Admins can see the list of complete feedback under the changelog release note and choose the feedback to be included in the release.

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