Easiest way topublish product updates

Announce your product updates and get users engaged with changelog widget. Embed your product changelog widget within your product get the information at the right place.

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Easiest way to publish product updates

Pushed a new feature to your product? Hop right onto Hellonext Changelog, type out what was updated, and hit publish. All the updates get right within your product via changelog widget and your customers get to know right that instant.

  • Create and embed changelog widget within your product.
  • Publish rich-text product updates with powerful editor.
  • Share updates individually if you need to, with just a click of a button.
Feature request tracker for SaaS products

And then there's more...

Core Changelog features
Everything you need in product changelog tool, out of the box.
  • Powerful Changelog editor
  • Add images to changelog
  • Add posts to changelog
  • Changelog lablesNew
  • Filter by lablesNew
  • Share changelog with users
Changelog Integrations
Put new product updates right where your users are.
  • Changelog widgets
  • Embed Changelog
  • Customize embeds
  • Custom branding
Insane performance
Embedding a widget should not slow down your product.
  • Less than 200ms rendersNew
  • Dedicated edge servers
  • Fast CDN for heavy content
  • Instant scaling

Product Changelog Software Reimagined

Publishing product updates to let your customers know about your commitment towards building a great software is equally important as any customer loyalty activity in your company. Today, most of the major companies have realized the importance of letting people know about product updates. In the recent years, companies ranging from Uber to Wayfair are embedding a tidy product changelog widget within their product to keep their customers updated about new features or fixes. You could do this too.

At Hellonext, we found that when you remove the friction with traditional product update emails, and a process where product changelog software does not exist you’re making the process very tedious and more chaotic for customers to know what has changed in your product that they can use. Product changelog software solution need a combination of features that nudges the customers whenever there is a new update within your product as well as follow traditional email updates.

For you to have a frictionless product changelog update experience, we set out to build an end-to-end product changelog software that makes writing, scheduling, and updating product updates a seamless process. With Hellonext, you drive improved customer loyalty, enhance feature awareness, and improve marketing processes across your organization.

Hellonext is a powerful SaaS customer feedback management software that aligns your product teams and customers, including – collecting feedback, prioritizing customer feedback, setting product roadmap, publish changelog, build a loyal customer community -- all in one user-friendly customer feature request tracker solution.

We focus on building a customer feedback management software that is easy to use for product managers, product owners, indie makers and end-customers.

You get even more

New features every 14-days

You get new feature updates every 14-days & feature improvements every day.

Feedback Boards

Feedback Boards

Feedback boards allow you to collect feedback from your users. So simple to understand.

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Roadmap grid

Product Roadmap

Turn feedback requests into visual product roadmap to let your users know what's coming next.

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Publish changelog to let users know what has changed in your product with changelog widgets.

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