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Now you can integrate widgets within your product (mobile or web) and all the amazing widgets designed for it. Hellonext automatically adjusts iteself to fit your views, and helps you gather feedback where your customers are.

Custom Domains

Map your product's domain to your Hellonext account to provide unified experience for your users.

Embed Feedback Boards

Bring your Hellonext feedback board inside your product with powerful feedback boards embed.

Embed Feedback Forms

Instantly embed a suggestion box within your product to collect customer feedback quickly.

Floating Feedback Widget

Turn any link in your product to trigger a beautiful feedback widget to collect user feedback with ease.

Floating Changelog Widget

Trigger a Changelog widget inside your product to showcase new feature updates to your customers.

Full Changelog Embeds

Embed Hellonext's changelog module within your product with just a simple embed script to showcase what's new.

Full Roadmap Embed

Embed your product roadmap in your website or product to let your users know what you are working on.

Need something more?

Looking for a deeper way to integrate Hellonext to gather user feedback for your product? Here are our suggestions.

Build customized feedback portal with our APIs

Need more customization? Use our powerful developer-friendly API to build our your own integration.

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We could do more? Tell us what integration you are looking for, and we will work on those for you.

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