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"Hellonext has made our lives easier by giving us a focus on what is important to our customers."

Challenges they faced

Before using Hellonext we had feedback and feature requests coming in from different sources. Via email, through conversations with support staff, from account management visits, from industry events, effectively at every touch point with our customers we had feature requests coming in. And whilst we had systems in place to capture these as they came in, we did not have a particularly effective way of measuring them and seeing what would benefit the most customers. We sometimes found ourselves addressing issues for those who shouted loudest over issues that would benefit a larger number of quieter users.

Another issue we had was that once a feature request had been made it often got to the product and development team third-hand with the Sales or Support team members acting as middlemen. This sometimes meant we did not have the detail that we needed to complete the work and tracing exactly who said what from which business could be time-consuming and not as easy as we would have liked.

How Hellonext helped

Using Hellonext has made our lives easier by giving us a focus on what is important to our customers. We have numerical data that aids us in our prioritisations meaning we can make more customers happy at once! We also love the ability to reply directly to a customer on a feature request to get more information about the issues they are facing so that we can better solve them.

We have integrated Hellonext to Jira, where we plan our dev work, and the automation there saves us so much time! When a feature is marked as released in Jira by a member of the development team, it is Completed in Hellonext and the reporting and upvoting customers are made aware that this has happened, something that before having Hellonext we probably weren’t doing as well as we would have liked.

When we started using Hellonext we weren’t sure how much engagement we would get, but our customers love using it. They instantly see the benefits and love the transparency they get on what is coming next.

We are so grateful to Hellonext for simplifying our feature request process and for the exemplary support we have received from them. Any feature requests that we have logged with them have been responded to quickly and almost all of them have been implemented into the system. They have been so reactive to our requests that we will shortly be able to transfer our entire help desk over to Hellonext from another solution, as we feel it is more than capable of running this area of our business too.

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