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Challenges they faced

At anny, we wanted to better understand our customers' needs in order to develop the best booking management software on the market.

Our customer service team spent too much time organising incoming requests, which made it difficult to understand the most frequently asked customer queries.

It is impossible to understand customers' needs without communicating with them. So we looked for a solution to make our roadmap more transparent and give them the opportunity to influence the direction of development.

Now we can prioritise certain features and use our time wisely. After all, anny's software is designed to benefit users.

How Hellonext helped

Hellonext is the best option for us at the moment. It covers most of our needs and is affordable than the competition.

The integration with our current workspace software and ticketing tool has been a key enabler to make our work easier. Every Hellonext post is automatically transferred to our project management tool, where we can start working on it right away.

Thanks to Hellonext, we can evaluate the time we spend on feedback in a new way. The upvote function is particularly handy, as is the roadmap view.

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