Customer Feedback

Build the right features your users would love from customer feedback. Reduce churn, and improve customer loyalty.

Customer feedback portal for modern product managers

No more guesswork. No more spreadsheets. No more ambiguity. With Hellonext, you can build products with customer's need at the center — increased loyalty, retention, and happier worklife.

Customer feedback portal

Give your customers a place to submit new feature requests, track progress, and keep them updated about new updates.

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly allow your users to signin to Hellonext to give feedback with powerful SSO features.

Embeds & widgets

Get Hellonext to where your users are. Push updates, collect feedback, and more with widgets & embeds.

Team Inbox

Collaborate with your team via Team Inbox which updates in real-time.

Product changelog

Announce new product updates to your users with easy-to-integrate changelog widget.

Powerful integrations

Bring your existing workflow to Hellonext seamlessly with official integrations.

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