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Why Hellonext

At Hellonext, no idea stays an infant. Every idea is embraced with care and action. People here act upon even the ideas that might look stupid, where some eventually turn into real products that people love.

These relentless bunch of people are not bound by the rules. Pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation is not an extraordinary characteristics here — it is a norm at Hellonext.

Our front-end engineering team is instrumental in bringing the wild and brittle ideas approachable to the user. They work on the edges of new frameworks and go to any lengths to give our users the best experience possible.

Who we're looking for

Learning to write code is an skill that can be acquired with practice. But learning to write great code is art. If you are looking for an internship, we understand that your intention would be to learn to write great code with practice in a real-world environment.

We are looking for individuals who are incredibly passionate about writing great code, and has an intention to learn super quick — hours not days.

You need to be in the right mindset to take action first. Push people around you to do only the best work of their lives. Nothing more. Nothing else. Everything will fall in its place.

Just showcase your passion, learn like there's no time left in this world, and implement what you learnt.

Applying for this role

We do not go by the typical resume method. Upload your CV, we review it, and then get back to you. Nope. That doesn't show the real you.

Instead, you just drop an email by clicking the "Apply" button — this opens up your default email client with some details pre-filled.

In the email body, tell us who you are, what your passion is, and why you would like to join Hellonext as a front-end engineering intern. Be sure to share some of your open source contributions or your online profiles like GitHub — this will help us understand where you are right now in terms of writing code.

Just be honest, open, and rest will be taken care of.

What technologies will you be working on

While at Hellonext, you will be involved in these technologies and frameworks. This is not something that is set in stone. Whatever technology helps our customers gather feedback easily, we got for it.

  • — NextJS
  • — ReactJS
  • — TypeScript
  • — MobX
  • — Jest
  • — Cypress
  • — TailwindCSS

What happens after you apply

We will get back. Whatever the result is for your application, we will get back to you. With some inputs to quickly improve your application as well.

If you get through, see you at our office, and let's get things done. If you don't, we will still stay in touch, and we will sync up over time.

Here's where you can get started

Apply to these open positions. Write to us about why it is important for you to work at Hellonext. We're all ears.

“No idea is too crazy here. No dream is too outrageous. Jumping in and solving challenges is what we are best at.
Being fearless pushes us forward.”
Karthik, Founder of Hellonext
Karthik Kamalakannan
Founder, Hellonext

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