Starts at $10. Not $50.

Mobile app. Not just desktop.

Customizations. Not restrictions.

Unlimited users. Not tracked users.

New features every 15 days. Not 15 months.

And there is so much more you would love about Hellonext.

Hellonext, a better alternative to is aimed at large companies with good funding. Canny starts at $50 per month, Canny's features only a few features that are doable only in the web. Hellonext, changes everything.

  • Get Hellonext on iOS or Android to manage feedback on the go.
  • Granular controls for you to manage thousands of feedback from your customers.
  • Purpose designed interface to help clients submit feedbac easily.
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Hellonext is a great Canny alternative

More than just features...

Fast improvements. We roll out improvements to the code almost every single day.

100% Privacy. Everything you create or do on Hellonext, stays with Hellonext. No one ever reads your data.

Team of 12. And growing. A team of 12 full-time engineers are behind Hellonext's improvements.

Quality is Priority. We would go to any extent to write quality code. This is our promise.

Hellonext, now on Android.

Hellonext for Android allows you to manage your feedback submissions on the go. The best part, it comes with all the admin-facing features that you can access on the web. is available only on the web, which makes it hard for administrators like you to do something really quick while managing feedback. Or get a notification when a new activity happens in your domain.

  • Create, reply and update feedback on your Android device.
  • Get notifications for new activites on your domain.
  • Powerful analytics for your domain, right on your phone.
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Direct native integration with Slack

Hellonext integrates directly into Slack for you to manage your feedback end-to-end. Right from creating, updating to deleting feedback, everything right within Slack.

  • Update new feedback right from within Slack.
  • Get notified about new feedback from across buckets or even domains.
  • Built to easily manage feedback with Native Slack Blocks.
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Effortlessly publish changelogs

Changelog feature of Hellonext
Changelog feature on Hellonext.

Effortless. Just choose from the existing list of features your users requested.

Privacy. Never worry about your competitors looking at your changelog. Make it Private & exclusive to your users.

Notify magically. When you publish, all your users are notified about the new changes that just went live.'s Pricing - Confusing

Starts at $50/month for just 100 tracked users. does not have a fixed pricing that you can predict. Every user who log-in into your account is considered a tracked user. So even if a random person is able to login and upvote or comment, you will be charged.

Ultimately, if you have say 1000 users using your domain on Canny, you are going to pay a whopping $250/month. We think this is a huge burn in your pocket, and you should truly be paying less. You shouldn't be punished for your growth.

  • Why "Vote on behalf" when you can allow users to vote for themselves.
  • Variable costs are a huge worry for product managers & admins.
  • No private boards on the base plan.

Hellonext Pricing - Simple

Starts at $25/month for unlimited tracked users.

Hellonext's pricing model is 100% predictable. No variable pricing, and it starts at just $25/month/administrator. It is as simple as that. When you add a new team member, that's when you pay. Not for acquiring new customers.

So with Hellonext, even if you have say 10,000 users for your domain, you just pay $25. It is as simple as that. We believe that you should be focusing on growth and gathering feedback. We're here to help you with just that.

  • Let your real users upvote, comment or use Hellonext. Not pretend as one.
  • Predictable & fixed cost for your account. No punishment for growth.
  • Private boards, custom domains and so much more.

Make the right decision. Sign up for free.

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A note from our team

Hi there,

Thank you for checking out Hellonext. We started Hellonext to support companies build products that customers truly want. A ton of research went into designing the interface, and we are consistently improving with every release.

We push updates to our features and performance every 15-days, and we spend the rest of our time planning and building the features that our users like you have requested.

We kept the pricing incredibly low to help attain scale and to make sure our livelihood is taken care of. If you are a bootstrapped company or a small company, just reach out to us, and we would be more than happy to help you out.

We believe that $50 for Canny's base plan is way higher than what it should cost. So we made sure we keep the pricing lesser and also offer you the features above and beyond what Canny offers.

Our team is composed of 12 incredibly great engineers spread across two locations -- Dubai and Chennai. We are 100% bootstrapped as well. Customers like you, are the ones who help us do what we do today.

Thank you!