What's new this December - Product Updates for Hellonext

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Now you can add attachments to tell more information

Image speaks better than a big paragraph of words. Hellonext team realized that when our user’s where asking for it. Now, we made it open to attach image files to tell what you are really asking for.

The feature request that made us to do this is https://feedback.hellonext.co/features/image-option

Suggestions on the go

Duplicate feature requests are always hard to manage. Now you have to either delete the last submitted one or merge the duplicate ones. But, our team found a way to avoid them in the first place.

Now, when your users are trying to submit a feature request, it does a realtime search and shows the similar feature requests. Here they can show their interest and vote on them.

Feature requests that made us to do this are https://feedback.hellonext.co/features/search-in-features and https://feedback.hellonext.co/features/provide-suggestions-of-existing-feature-requests

Find your upvoters

Need to see your organization’s submission and the upvoters too? Want to know more about them? Now you can see who are the users.

![](/uploads/Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.44.49 AM.png)

Inspired by this feature request https://feedback.hellonext.co/features/showing-upvoters-only-on-admin-dashboard

Share it on social medias

Wanted to gather some real insights on the feature requests to your friends? Now you can share the feature requests on social medias with one click button. Made with love

![](/uploads/Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.45.33 AM.png)

Share private buckets with your privileged users

Private buckets are only accessible to your team members. Now, we made it available to add few extra users who can see and access the feature requests in the buckets. Extra care. Extra privilege. 🥂

![](/uploads/Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.46.20 AM.png)

Customer experience is our first priority at Hellonext. With some product research, the readable links have been people’s favorite for centuries wink wink

Now the links look like this. https://feedback.hellonext.co/features/internationalization-can-help-with-improved-user-engagement

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Subdomains! Subdomains are released.

It’s finally released. From day 1, a lot of them were asking for it. And now its here. Now, the team is working on the ways to provide a new ability to map the URL to your own domain name.

Very soon you can map example.com/feedback to example.hellonext.co and make your user’s have a frictionless experience.

All new UI

This is one of the best transformation that ever happened at Hellonext. This really improved a lot of UX for the users and moving out the features hidden inside components helped Hellonext users to use 100% of Hellonext. And we are really happy about that!

![](/uploads/Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.47.16 AM.png)

Coming soon

  1. Integrations. Zap to Slack. Everything;
  2. Label your users. Give more privilege to your loyal users.
  3. Graphs to see the analytics in all beautiful way. Sure, you all gonna love it.

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