Users real problem in your product. Voicing out a problem in a place where it can be heard.

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Every company always has a perfectly planned roadmap with new features rolling out every quarter or semester. But a lot of times, the company fails to understand whether upcoming features are particularly useful or adds value to their end users.

As a product company, you will be a getting a lot of user feedback. A lot of times, you will respond to them with a short automated email. But this will never solve your user problem at all.

Keep your users updated

As a user, he/she is always happy and satisfied if they knew that their feedback is acknowledged and the team keeps them in the loop on the status of the update. An automated email with a content saying, “Thank you for your submission. We have forwarded your feedback to the team.” is just mediocre.

As a company that focuses on the user benefits, you should go beyond and keep them updated about the status. If their feedback is rejected, they might want to know the reason behind it.

This lets you, as a company and your users have a healthy communication which benefits both of you.

How to find your users real problems in your product

Converse to understand

80% of the time, user’s feedbacks lack some of the other necessary information which makes your team ignore these feedbacks. But, the majority of the time, the real value of the product lies in this feedback.

These type of scenarios can be handled if there is a way for your team to understand your users.

Hellonext provides a simple, elegant and comment-styled approach to initiate a conversation about the feedback and bridges the gap between the users and your team.

This conversation helps users as well as your company to add quality to your products for quality feedback.

Unite your user’s thoughts

Humans often feel comfortable with people with similar thoughts. Providing a way where users can see the feedback from other users, upvote and discuss them, opens up a whole new perspective from your users.

This data also allows your team to understand the much-needed feature requests and manages them to release in the earliest version and making your users happy and satisfied all the time.

If you want to build a product that your users want, Hellonext provides the solution for your users to voice their thoughts.


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