Product Updates | 03 February, 2022

New on Hellonext: Triage notifications, save them for later, or mark as done

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Swathy Ravi

A common dilemma that circles around Product development and management, is whether to go with small feature releases or large ones. While both are impactful in their own ways, there lies a tremendous difference in making the right decision, in line with your product growth timeline. ⏳

Large feature releases always bring new customers to your business but stabilizing your product, to retain your existing customer base, is key! While groundbreaking features are something that every product team should focus on, small yet impactful additions often make a huge difference! ✨

Start by listening to customer feedback which will present you with wide use cases that you can further expand your product into. Follow up with brainstorming these suggestions amongst your team and make sure you’re consistently up to date with your customer’s actual experience. If not for these practices, even the most innovative, revolutionary products would not hit the mark!

At Hellonext, this is exactly what we focus on! Understanding what our product does at its core for our customers and how we can improvise it for their use cases. I will now be walking you through one of the features that we improvised in the last quarter, giving us a kick start to 2022! 🔥

Updated notification action items on Hellonext

Talking about a fresh start, how much do we yearn to have our inboxes back to zero and have all stuff sorted? 😇 As useful as getting notified about updates is, the FOMO on action items is real! Categorization is key to handle notifications better and I agree, Hellonext was not there a month ago! 🙇🏻‍♀️

Earlier, the Notification segment on Hellonext simply listed all the notifications you have received related to posts, comments, mentions and so on., Despite the details that the notifications carried, there was a lack of segmentation and there was a room for improvement! Here’s a request we had from one of our customers!

“We get a lot of comments on our Hellonext board which is great, but managing which notifications are new is difficult because there’s no way to hide the notifications we’ve already seen. It would be great if we could “archive” the notifications or if when we marked all as read they were hidden.”

We grabbed the chance and revamped the Notifications segment! At the end of the day, we wanted to give you a way to handle notifications like a piece of cake! Not to mention, the finer the control you gain over managing notification, the easier the process of triaging related tasks will be.✌🏼

Introducing, Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrum-roll 🥁 Notification Categories - Inbox, Saved and Done!✨

You asked for it and we made it for you! You can now triage notifications to take action later on and mark items as Done on the go. Bonus points, we have also introduced bulk updates using which you can This helps you clear your plate off and paves the way to achieve zero-inbox! ✅

We believe in bringing to our customers’ front, a few noteworthy changes which result in more usage, impact and engagement on the platform! A word of mouth, from a happy customer, has undeniable powers. 💪🏼

Aiming for a smoother user experience and great feedback from our customers, gives us a boost to continue building features that are of significant importance out there! 🌟 When all is said and done, we are not stopping! Here’s to more improvements and new features that you will soon see, glistening on Hellonext! 🥂

Check out Hellonext and sign up for a 14 day trial to explore! 🚀⚡️✨

Until next time! 😃👋🏼

Last updated: December 6th, 2022 at 10:08:37 AM GMT+0

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