UnderstandBetter team saves 10 hours a week with Hellonext. Learn how they do it.

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UnderstandBetter is an employee engagement tool geared towards first time managers at organizations of different scale. Hellonext enables them to keep their customers in loop while they are building their product with their customers’ feedback.

“We are a very lean team. It is extremely crucial for us to keep our overheads low, and put processes efficiently so that we build a product that our customers love,” said Chief Executive Office Pankaj Harita. Hellonext enables them to scale their product up with near zero overhead on their process.

Talking more about how Hellonext helps UnderstandBetter, Swaathi Kakarla, Chief Technology Officer said, “Knowing what to build next is very crucial for me. Making sure I set the roadmap right, with a super efficient feedback mechanism from my customers helps me focus on building a quality product at UnderstandBetter.”

“With Hellonext, we know what exactly we should ship next, and which customers would be happy about the new release every month.” — Nivedhithaa G, Customer Success at UnderstandBetter.

Saving 10 hours per week with Hellonext

UnderstandBetter’s teams work closely with their customers to gather feedback about the product, improve and iterate as quick as they can. Before Hellonext, they would ideally spend over 10 hours talking to customers, requesting their time and writing down feedbacks they give all over the place. But today, with Hellonext, the team invites their customers to pour in their feedback all at one place, at the customers’ convenience.

“Once a customer keys in their thoughts on the product, an improvement or a bug, we get right on it and with just a click of a button, they receive the update automagically,” said Swaathi Kakarla.

Improving the feedback process

Since they implemented Hellonext, the UnderstandBetter team were able to scale our feedback process easily. Today, they handle hundreds of feedbacks from customers across various domains easily. This mechanism resulted in them saving more than 10 hours in meetings every week with their customers. Now, every meeting is super productive, helping their customers make better use of UnderstandBetter’s capabilities.

“Hellonext’s private buckets feature helps me tell the engineering team the exact issues they need to focus on next. Internally, me and my CTO discuss over a feedback and try to resolve as quickly as we can, wherever we are.”, said Pankaj.

Hellonext brings clarity to their work. So every team member knows what to build next. “The energy we put in, to validate what the customers would want next is extremely less now. Hellonext has made it easier for us to focus on our tasks, rather than to sort out the feedback over hundreds of emails across different customers,” Swaathi said.


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