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While talking about “feature voting”, people perceive a Reddit-style upvote-downvote feature; which still exists but not great. This is because they lack in execution and there's no detail or substance.

They also tend to create a mess which is ineffective for feature prioritization or any kind of communication.

This is actually how the feature voting system gets started. Nevertheless, it has come a long way since then.

The traditional feature voting system kind of sucks, but the modern feature voting does not.

We are now going to get rid of the obsolete inclination that all “feature voting” tools are worthless.

What's wrong with previous “feature voting”?

The most basic form of “feature voting” was disliked by many, here's why:

  1. Users need to create an account; they're not bothered to participate
  2. Feature ideas can be posted/voted by anybody
  3. Voted by anybody means there might be duplicate posts
  4. There's no visibility to the voters
  5. Users felt ignored when their ideas were not incorporated
  6. Users are not really sure about what a feature can do

Above all, it has been really hard for Project Managers to manually collect, organize and review them.

Enter the new and advanced ‘feature voting’ tool

The big news is that the latest feature voting tools are developed with none of these issues.

The new and advanced feature voting tools aim to make the “feature voting forum” a much more valuable system. Modern tools don’t focus on the voting aspect. They cover the whole user feedback cycle while making the experience low effort.

These tools make the feedback environment a moldable, filter-able with a detailed source of information. The new features get the customers excited and a gold mine for product managers.

Let’s see how an advanced feature voting tool like Hellonext wipes away all of the above-mentioned issues.

1. Users are not bothered to participate

Users do not bother to give feedback when the user interface of the feedback management tool is,

  • Messy and disorganized
  • Not maintained or managed properly
  • With a million extra steps to get to

Now, the advanced feature voting tools have

  • Well organized and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The company actively engaging with the users
  • Not necessarily require user login

The feedback management tools like Hellonext allow the product owners to vote on behalf of their customers. Requests from other channels can also be added to the list in a few clicks, literally 'zero effort' on the users’ side.

Even when a customer is really not bothered or can’t find the option, their feedback or idea will still be recorded.

2. Feature ideas can be posted/voted by anybody

The previous feature voting tools had allowed anyone to sign up via any email address. So, there was always a chance for fraud or irrelevant users. Improper users mean inaccurate and unreliable data.

The new and advanced tools are extremely focused on identifying legitimate users. Every user is a customer with their name and verified email address, not a random person from the internet.

Product developers are also able to set any feedback to be public to everyone, limited people, or internal.

The best feature voting tools like Hellonext give company owners complete control over their privacy and login settings.

3. Duplicate posts/votes

These issues were present only in the traditional feature voting tools that include no complex features. But, the new and advanced feature voting tools deal with duplicate content preemptively to avoid a mess.

Hellonext suggests similar posts as the user types, to avoid the duplicate getting created in the first place. In case, if that fails, merging posts is not only possible but super easy to avoid duplicate posts or votes. Now, when a Project Manager needs to go through the requests, it’ll be clean, unique, and easy to sort.

4. There's no visibility to the voters

The advanced feature voting tools bind the whole customer feedback cycle together. With these tools, the users don't have to wonder where their ideas went. The process is very simple, you get updates about everything you care, you can

  • Request a new feature
  • Give feedback about the available feature
  • Get engaged in the roadmap

Everything in one tool. Hellonext is heavily focused on informing people of the actual progress. The users receive notifications about every important development unless they are opt-out.

5. Users felt ignored when their ideas were not incorporated

Even though you use a feature voting tool, there's always going to be things that you are not going to build. And, you'll always have certain kinds of customers with their own personalities; feeling ignored.

Now we got advanced tools which are transparent about not building a particular feature, and why. But when you leave your user wondering if you care or not, your feedback process will become a black box.

Informing your users about the feature plans in prior is always better. In addition, the chat option between Product Marketers and users will help them manage any misunderstandings.

The previous feature voting tools drop everyone in the dark, including general frustration. The advanced feature voting tools like Hellonext allow lots of room for information and explanations.

6. Users are not really sure about what a feature should do

The previous feature voting tools have no possibilities of having any sort of long discussion about a feature.

Not all the users are good at explaining their point. Now, the advanced tools encourage the users to have a conversation about features before making decisions.

New and advanced tools like Hellonext will let you post a comment to notify everyone about your thoughts on a particular feature. And now, your users can chime in with specific details and talk it out. Finally, when a feature gets planned, everyone is on the same page.

Product Managers finds it difficult to organize and review

Any feature voting tool will provide lots of ideas to the product management but do not automate it. It eventually becomes a powerhouse of valuable insights when you add rich user data to the mix.

More than just vote there’s so much more important context to feature voting

  • Who is voting?
  • Why do they need it?
  • Whether they are free or paying customer

This robust filtering system enables Product Managers to make much more informed decisions than they ever could. You can also create an actual impact on your business with your product decisions.

The new and advanced feature voting tool

The new tools are either not basic or just about voting and throwing ideas around anymore. Feature voting tools like Hellonext close the whole feedback and product prioritization loop and keep people really informed about what’s going on.

Furthermore, Hellonext offers a bunch of additional features and functions that make the system an invaluable tool for product teams.


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