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If you are a product manager, I am pretty sure you have tried a feature voting tool to collect and prioritize customer feedback. It is always a better option to organize and manage customer feedback with a perfect feature voting tool that suits you. The significant advantage of using feature voting software is that it is efficient to collaborate with your customers to develop your product.

Why should you try feature voting software?

There are many proven advantages of how feature voting tools help product teams to give their best and gather user feedback in the most straightforward way. It accumulates all the needs in one single place that saves you a ton of time. Here are a few benefits that you need to know about the feature voting tool.

  • Help you build the product with your customers and to know their real needs because they are the ones who utilize your product.
  • Keep your customers always engaged about your product; hence they will be more excited to share feedback.
  • When you’re working for your customers’ real needs, it will help you to reduce churn. And also your product will become more valuable.
  • Help you complete the entire feedback loop, work on feedback and share your progress simultaneously.

We collected a list of the best feature voting tools, their differences and more.


Of course, we would like to mention ourselves here because we have developed this platform especially for you who need a perfect tool to collect and manage your product feedback.

In the early stages, most organizations struggled to do this, rummaging through multiple resources to gather feedback and find what feature to build next ruins their day. So, we wanted to create software that is both affordable and user-friendly, which ultimately saves your time and makes your job effective.

Hellonext feature voting tool screenshot

Why choose Hellonext

  • Very powerful admin dashboard
  • Endless customizations
  • Tight integrations with 3rd-party tools
  • Powerful product roadmap editor
  • Privacy first product
  • Super fast development cycle
  • Embed anything anywhere concept

There are a lot of features that you might love.


Hellonext starts at just $12/month and goes all the way up to $50/month. Incredible value for money.

Built for
Startups to Governments
Product vision
To be the customer experience operating system for product teams.
Core modules
Feedback boards, Product Roadmap & Changelog.
Starts at $12/month and goes all the way up to $50/month flat. Unlimited submitters/users.


Productboard is one of the better tools that revolve around when it comes to feedback collection. It is a modern tool and very advanced; sometimes, if you want to gather and manage feedback quickly and simply, you might get overwhelmed.

Screenshot of Productboard

Why choose Productboard

  • Good at gathering advanced user insights in who wants what
  • The platform that helps you to keep everything neat and structured
  • You can quickly consolidate ideas, requests, research, and feedback streaming.
  • You can prioritize the feedbacks and analyze what is crucial to building next.
  • You can do task management that tracks your product vision and goals.

Productboard Pricing

Pricing is a little huge. As I said before, it is more advanced; you need to spend at least $49/month/user to get some features. So if you’re a small team of 4, you still need to pay $200/month, which is enormous. If you need to be very advanced, this is okay; Productboard is an excellent choice for sure. But if you’re looking for an affordable feature voting tool, this is a little huge.

Freedy feedback

Freedy feedback is a different type of feedback tool that collects feedback differently. It is a widget that gathers feedback from your visitors and customers on the topic that you collaborate with them on your website. It is easy to embed on your webpage! It has a lot of customizations in it, even emojis. But if you need a tool that organizes perfectly everything about the feedback, you can look at other options in this list.

Screenshot of Freedy

Why choose Freedy feedback

  • It is straightforward to set up a widget with lovable customizations.
  • Good design that is simple to use

Freedy Pricing

Here, when it comes to pricing, I feel it is a little expensive. Though it is a modern widget tool with a lot of customizations still, it misses a lot of features. It starts from $15 for three websites and pro plan for $25 for unlimited websites.


Herald is a collaborative repository for user feedback. It consolidates all the user feedback and helps you gain a clear idea about your user problems. It aligns all your customer support team on product strategy. But, when it comes to feature voting tools, it won’t give you a full picture. But, why in this list? Because it still helps your customer support team to do their work at best!

Screenshot of Freedy

Why choose Herald

  • Simple to collect and organize customer issues
  • Easy for your customer-facing teams to collaborate with customers.

Herald Pricing

It has many plans, from free to growth, for $800, but the free plan is minimal. You need to pay $200 for a start-up plan to get some extra features than a free plan, which is extremely expensive. But, still, it is one of the best tools that help to make customer-facing teams effective.

The idea wall

The idea wall is an expensive tool with a bit old-fashioned way and feel. The Idea Wall is a little bit drag in this list. However, it has the downvoting option and a couple of more useful features that we don’t see that much effective when compared to other tools. But, I felt it’s worth mentioning, which might help some organizations.

Screenshot of The Idea Wall

Why choose Ideawall

  • It has a downvote feature that helps you in prioritizing the correct feature.
  • Customers can rate the features with one to five-stars.
  • Straight-forward voting features that work pretty cool
  • Highly famous for video games and developers.

Ideawall Pricing

It’s an expensive little tool that you need to spend $35 a month to get a mid-level of features they have. If you want to explore more features, you need to pay $80/month/moderator, which is enormous.


ProdPad is a product feedback and business road-mapping tool where product teams can share feedback about the product. ProdPad’s product backlog collects all the opinions and feedback, making it simple for the users to access specific items when needed quickly. The timeline view showcases the updated announcements of a particular product.

Screenshot of Prodpad

Why choose Prodpad

  • It helps you create a neatly structured roadmap for multiple products
  • Simple to use and good customization options

Prodpad Pricing

Here’s where it becomes tricky! Yes, it’s costly; it ranges from about $499 for just 50 admins/editors, which is enormous. Pricing starts from $149 to $1299. Though it has some neat features, pricing is a drawback.


Convas is a limited tool; maybe they might grow up in some days, they just started building, but their potential is inspiring. Convas has fewer features when compared to other voting tools, Of course, yes, they have feedback boards, a roadmap, and some other features too, but to work with it, you’ll need plenty of features to complete the entire feedback cycle, and you won’t find them at Convas for now.

Screenshot of Convas

Why choose Convas

  • An impressive design that is simple to use
  • They have introduced combined features where both the roadmap and boards are together.
  • It seems easy to set up in a few minutes, but the widget is missing though.

Convas Pricing

I can say it is affordable for small organizations when I went through the limited number of features. It seems like it is free for 50 tracked users and $15 for 100 tracked users. So, it could be an advantage in the long run.


UserVoice is one of the best tools which are useful to compare with Productboard. Not only because of its features but from a pricing point of view. Yes, it’s a little huge. But it’s worth it if you need all the extra features. It’s dragged last in this list because of the only fact it’s too huge if you just need the best tool to gather and manage customer feedback with feedback boards and feature voting.

Screenshot of Uservoice

Why choose Uservoice

  • It is the advanced version of organizing and managing customer feedback
  • Highly suitable for large organizations, especially when it comes to reporting

Uservoice Pricing

You’ll be having a sales call. The support team will help you further.


Tricider is too new to me, and I got a chance to explore this while sourcing about voting tools. Here, you can create public boards depending on your topic. It’s exciting if you just need to collect feedback for one-time usage. It’s not the best tool if you’re searching for a way to organize and manage your backlog; it’s not the best option to collaborate and engage with users. It’s missing more features, such as tags, and more, highly essential on your feedback. But if you don’t need such features, it could be an excellent tool for you!

Screenshot of Tricider

Why choose Tricider

  • It’s a free plan but does check out its features before signing up
  • Very easy to set up; just type the question, and that’s it
  • You can create multiple topics and request feedback

Tricider Pricing

It’s free! But again, check out its features. Sometimes, your users might find it hard to share their feedback.

Microsoft Excel

Though I wouldn’t support using Excel for managing feedback, you know what? Some small organizations still help with this. Google Spreadsheet helps to collect feedback internally. The big drawback is only helpful for internal feedback. You can’t get a clear picture of feedback management. If you have a small budget, consider using a tool like Hellonext, which helps you cover the entire feedback life cycle with just $25 a month. If you’re up to create the product that your customer needs, then user feedback is the crucial thing in developing your product the right way. So it’s extremely wise to pick a smart option (feature voting tool) here because it’s worth it when it's going to give a full strength for your product growth.

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel 2021

Why choose Microsoft Excel

  • It helps to collect the feedback internally without spending much.
  • You can use it for free.
  • You can create a clear overview of what you’re going to build next.

Microsoft Office Excel Pricing

It comes with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive.

Top 10 feature voting tools are


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